'Avengers' Gets Major Labor Day Expansion


Marvel’s The Avengers is getting a one-week expanded push starting Labor Day weekend.

Avengers, which is the third highest-grossing movie of all time, is still playing in 123 theaters domestically and the expansion will bring that number to a hefty 1,700.

Pixar’s Brave is also getting the push, with its theater count jumping from 452 to 1,700.

Avengers’ domestic box office total stands at $617.8 million. Disney, Marvel’s parent company which released the movie, is able to boast Avengers being the only film to post a $200 million domestic opening weekend (with $207.4 million) and the first and only to post a $100 million second weekend (with $103 million).

The movie is around $40 million away from the number two all-time highest-grossing movie of all, James Cameron’s Titanic.

Avengers' last-minute push comes ahead of the movie’s big Blu-ray/DVD release on Sept 25.
-The Hollywood Reporter