Film Review: The Inbetweeners Movie

<i>The Inbetweeners Movie</i> goes where plenty of sex comedies have gone before, but its rambunctious personality makes it worth the trip.

Even if you overlook the 2.5 penises in it, The Inbetweeners Movie is some ribald stuff. Still, vices can be virtues in sex comedies—in fact, given the sexual appetites of the four English lads at the center of the whole thing, this movie’s frankness allows it to tell the truth not just about its own characters, but about plenty of real-life teens. Though it’s nearly undetectable, there’s just the right amount of maturity in this comedy to make it believable, which might explain how it’s able to get away with everything.

While the movie never gets around to explaining what the title means, “Inbetweeners” are students who enjoy more popularity than geeks but not as much as jocks. Now that the four principal characters from the British TV series are graduating, though, they’re eager to leave the old pecking order behind. Their next order of business is a vacation in Crete, which should take Simon’s (Joe Thomas) mind off Carli (Emily Head), the girlfriend who wanted to dump him before they drift apart when it’s time for him to study abroad. Actually, Neil’s (Blake Harrison) got a girlfriend of his own, and although he’s pledged his loyalty to her, it’s probably easy for him to keep his word given that he doesn’t view dry humping as sex.

As for Will (Simon Bird)—our narrator whose glasses compromise his looks—he’s got his hands full keeping Simon out of trouble after he spots Carli vacationing with her new boyfriend (Theo James)…though Will still manages to pursue one of the ladies he meets in a bar (Laura Haddock).

Jay (James Buckley), on the other hand, has little patience for Simon’s worship of Carli. Besides, he should quit chasing her and focus on Lucy (Tamla Kari), who’s put up with him droning on and on about her since they met. Perhaps she could get Simon to shut up if Jay clues her in about the assaults on his groin he delivers whenever he says her name.

Apart from the predictable solution Simon comes up with for his dilemma, this movie has more than a few surprises…even if they do frequently come from shock laughs. Perhaps the biggest surprise is that it keeps its spirits up without tracing outlines of darker comedies that everyone fawns over at the Golden Globes. There may be no award for best sunburn in the shape of a penis, but The Inbetweeners Movie comes out a winner all the same.