Fox to release two fall films with Dolby Atmos sound


Dolby Laboratories and Twentieth Century Fox announced that two of the studio's fall 2012 releases, Taken 2 (Oct. 5 in the U.S.) and Chasing Mavericks (Oct. 26), will be mixed and released in Dolby Atmos™, the new immersive audio platform.

Anticipating additional Dolby Atmos titles, Fox is outfitting its Zanuck Theater post-production facility with Dolby Atmos capabilities.

"Dolby Atmos transports audiences into the onscreen adventure with the most lifelike sensory experience ever offered in cinema," said Doug Darrow, Dolby’s senior VP, cinema. "Dolby Atmos will immerse moviegoers in the sounds of Istanbul's bustling streets in the action-packed Taken 2 and atop the big waves of Chasing Mavericks."

Two acclaimed sound re-recording mixers will be at the helm of the Dolby Atmos mixes. Craig Henighan will mix Chasing Mavericks, and Chuck Michael will oversee Taken 2.