'FJI' surveys cinema seating


Leading seating manufacturers present their top models and latest innovations in our annual FJI showcase.

Destro’s Daytona seating line plays a starring role in cinemas and multiplexes Comfort and resilience are guaranteed by the high quality of the materials used and the care in manufacturing.

Destro’s Daytona Lounge boasts completely handmade work and fine upholstery with tailored stitching, creating a very high level of comfort and providing the seat with softness and warmth. (destrospa.com)

Dolphin Seating
Dolphin Seating’s Half Moon fixed-back seat model offers great seating comfort, modern good looks, and a great price of $85. The Half Moon has a 38” high back and comes with deluxe moving cupholder arms. It’s an ideal seat for low-riser stadiums and slope-floor cinemas. Contact Sam Snell to discuss your seating needs at 575-762-6468 or 575-799-0139 (cell). (dolphinseating.com)

Greystone Seating
If it feels like you’re sitting in a luxury SUV, well, it’s because you sort of are. Greystone’s Kingston Premium paired with rich leather brings high-end comfort directly to your theatre patrons. Designed by Ford Motor Company engineers, the Kingston Premium boasts bold exterior lines with a rolled foam interior plus pad. Beauty matched with comfort matched with USA-manufactured durability—this chair is guaranteed to make a statement, a statement of modern elegance for many years to come. The Kingston Premium begs to be sat “in”, not on top of, and at a price less than the gas for the road trip you’re thinking of. (gsseats.com)

Inorca Seating

Inorca Seating is committed to provide design, quality and innovation for your cinema. Inorca has been manufacturing cinema and auditorium seats since 1956, providing audience comfort through outstanding chair designs. Inorca designs smart seat solutions based on your needs, customizing your chair with a wide range of accessories that convert your cinema shows into a whole new experience. As a result of their research process, they have developed Vibrosound, a system that allows viewers to watch and feel the movie through tactile vibration. (inorca.com)

Irwin Seating

Irwin Seating Company’s Signature Rocker chair offers a smooth, quiet and reliable mechanism with an amazingly comfortable back-seat rocking motion. This versatile chair platform can be used with various Signature back styles and self-rising or stationary seat components that meet the design needs of the circuit. In place of flip-up cupholder armrests, Irwin Seating’s rocker can be used with “full” aisle end and center standard partitions with large drink tables for use in premium ticket areas. With Irwin Seating Company’s famous quality and service standing behind this 100% American-made chair, patrons are bound to look forward to return engagements. (irwinseating.com)

Seating Concepts
Seating Concepts and Red Seat Entertainment introduce Tremor FX, a new dimension in cinema entertainment. The technology behind this great product allows you to feel the soundtrack the way sound editors intended. “Movie lovers have been clamoring for the next evolution in a shared cinema experience. What we’ve essentially done is create an immersive experience for the masses,” says Joseph Sorenson, president of Red Seat Entertainment.

Tremor FX chairs are the same size as standard theatre chairs, simplifying and streamlining the theatre conversion process. The seats are easy to integrate with any theatre configuration with a low-voltage wire and a communication cable. Additionally, Tremor FX technology responds directly to the audio signals embedded in the film’s existing soundtrack, eliminating the need for a separate track to program the chair to react appropriately to each new film.

“We’ve engineered these chairs in such a way that the motion enhances the cinematic experience, but doesn’t distract from what is happening on the screen,” Sorenson declares. (seatingconcepts.com)

VIP Cinema Seating
VIP Cinema Seating is expanding its Options program. In keeping with the company’s focus on "flexibility," this style allows for multiple dimensions, options and functions. You can offer VIP loveseats as well as VIP rows of seats. There is multiple functionality, including static backs, rocker backs and articulating backs (manual or power) and arms. Snack tables, cupholders, and multiple fabric combinations are all options available in this style. As with all VIP Seating product, there is a high degree of comfort built in that is not usually available from traditional seating. (vipseating.com)