Harkness Screens names Matt Jahans as European tech services manager


Harkness Screens, the world’s leading manufacturer of projection screens for cinema and events applications, announced the appointment of Matt Jahans as European technical services manager.

Jahans spent the past 14 years working for U.K.-based cinema projector light-source distributors TLS UK (Technical Lamp Supplies). In his new position, he will work closely with Harkness’ sales, research and development teams and digital-cinema technology companies to provide guidance to customers seeking to optimize and manage their d-cinema operating environments and improve screen performance and brightness.

“Matt comes to Harkness Screens with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience of the cinema industry and is a welcomed addition to our team,” said Andrew Robinson, managing director of Harkness Screens. “Matt’s experience, particularly in Xenon arc lamps, 35mm and digital-cinema lamp houses, LPSU, igniters, DCI light measurements and software configuration, provides us with a unique skillset which adds to our extensive technical knowledge base.”