Barco introduces online tool for digital cinema


Barco announced the launch of CineCare Web, a new online tool for the digital-cinema market.

CineCare Web enables remote and central management of d-cinema equipment. Because it is fully scalable, it can benefit smaller cinemas as well as multiplexes and circuits. The CineCare Web offering can also be customized according to geographic region.

Users can manage cinema equipment remotely via a cloud-based application. The interface has been specifically designed for the cinema industry and includes a dashboard and map view that offer a helpful overview of all connected equipment.

“With the brand-new CineCare Web tool, we can help optimize uptime for both small and large exhibitors and keep their expenses at a minimum,” stated Wim Buyens, senior VP of Barco’s Entertainment Division. “Our comprehensive service tool is very easy to use and will surely make life easier for our customers.”