Cinedigm surpasses 12,200 digital screens


Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corp. announced it has signed more than 12,200 digital-cinema screens with 273 exhibitor partners in its d-cinema deployment. In total, Cinedigm has deployed over 70% of North American exhibitors and approximately 40% of digital-cinema screens in North America.

The company breaks down deployment numbers as follows:

* Phase One (3,724 screens): Cinedigm is the servicer and earns services fees on the total VPF revenues and also owns all residual cash flows and asset value.
* Phase Two (8,519 screens): Cinedigm is the servicer only and earns upfront license fees and recurring revenue from ongoing maintenance fees for their software division.

In the last 18 months alone, Cinedigm has signed 4,697 screens, representing 55% of its Phase 2 screen deployment, with over 175 exhibitors in that time period, representing 65% of its Phase 2 exhibitor base. Additionally, the company has the distinction of screen representation in all 50 states. Outside of the U.S., Cinedigm has screen representation in Canada, the Caribbean, American Samoa and Saipan and has made significant inroads in the last months on the international front, including selection as the digital-cinema integrator of independent cinemas in Australia and New Zealand (ICAA), as well as providing negotiation and technical services for a consortium of Brazilian theatres.

In conjunction with the National Association of Theatre Owners' Cinema Buying Group (CBG), Cinedigm has now signed over 3,000 independent CBG screens for conversion to digital cinema. Cinedigm is the d-cinema integrator partner for the CBG, a buying program for NATO's independent theatre operators in the U.S. and Canada. To date, Cinedigm has signed 180 CBC exhibitors in a total of 22 states.

Cinedigm also announced that FilmDistrict will license Cinedigm's Theatrical Distribution System to serve as its technical platform to manage key aspects of the U.S. theatrical distribution of its films. Cinedigm expects implementation will be completed in time to support FilmDistrict’s upcoming theatrical release of Red Dawn in November.