MasterImage 3D broadens product portfolio


MasterImage 3D has broadened its product portfolio to ease the contemporary business decisions made by theatrical exhibitors. The 3D system suite now includes five models, each designed for unique screen sizes and booth types.

The MI-CLARITY3D line comes in three versions, specified to varying types of projection configurations. The new 3D product introductions, MI-WAVE3D and MI-DUAL3D, address exhibitors’ desires to equip big and small screens with high-quality presentations at competitive price points. Each model offers high-frame-rate compatibility, full system automation (2D/3D and start/stop) and a license-free ownership business model. The full lineup of MasterImage 3D digital cinema systems will be on display in booth 415 at ShowEast 2012 in Hollywood, Florida, Nov. 6-8.

“Cinema exhibitors around the world continue to tell us they want premium presentation quality without being limited by a one-size-fits-all solution,” said Sean Lohan, senior VP of digital cinema at MasterImage 3D. “Our new product suite gives customers greater choice in addition to the superior image quality and business terms they expect from MasterImage 3D."

The MI-CLARITY3D product suite includes the patented Circular Polarized Filter Disc, providing an optimum balance of clarity and brightness with 3D filtering precision. Three MasterImage 3D models provide for the range of projection booth needs:

* MI-CLARITY3D SA (standalone, for theatres with standard booths) is a standard floor model that’s smaller, lighter and more versatile, and moveable between auditoriums with a silver screen.

* MI-CLARITY3D MX (mezzanine-free, for theatres without projection booths) is rack-mounted in front of the projector in boothless environments. It includes a control console that can be rack, floor or wall-mounted.

* MI-CLARITY3D RH (remote head, for theatres with limited-space projection booths) is wall-mounted, vertically or horizontally, and includes a control console that can be rack-, floor- or wall-mounted.

New product entrants provide MasterImage 3D technologies and full system automation for 2D/3D and start/stop.

* MI-WAVE3D is an automated liquid-crystal modular solution for smaller cinema screens, a cost-effective complement to the MI-CLARITY3D line.

* MI-DUAL3D is an automated dual-glass filter solution for large cinema screens. It utilizes the same precision filter as the MI-CLARITY3D line.

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