ShowEast trade show spotlights new products and technologies


A sneak peek at the new products, upgrades and technologies showcased at this year's ShowEast.

Arts Alliance Media
For ShowEast 2012, Arts Alliance Media unveils Locksmith, a system to manage distribution of digital-cinema keys (KDMs) directly to theatre screen servers.

Previously, KDM delivery has been a manual and error-prone process, requiring individuals to email keys separately to theatres, and theatres to manually ingest them. Locksmith makes this process much more efficient and transparent, with full reporting making it easy for exhibitors to see which KDMs have been successfully delivered and ingested. Rather than sending KDMs to each cinema, distributors can upload all KDMs to Locksmith, which delivers each one directly to the relevant screen server, ready for use. Learn more about Locksmith at ShowEast booth 1214. (

One complete digital-cinema projection solution. Global appeal.

Christie has created an affordable, premium d-cinema solution designed to captivate audiences—anywhere in the world. Christie Solaria® One is the brightest-in-class, comprehensive projection system perfect for screens up to 35 feet, projecting 8,000 lumens in the DCI color space. Their all-inclusive digital-cinema solution comes complete with a lens, custom-designed Xenon lamp, and a Christie Integrated Media Block (IMB). Shipping this November, Christie Solaria One is the most reliable, DCI-compliant digital-cinema solution available today. It’s easy to operate and maintain, and has the lowest total cost of ownership on the market. Now all cinemas can join the digital revolution. See Solaria One at booth 915. (

Satellite content distribution in Latin America is ready! Believe it or not, CinecolorSat, a division of Cinecolor Group, started its trial period last October and was introduced to the industry at ShowEast 2011. Some announcements were made back in April, and now the system is currently operating and some digital content has been successfully distributed as part of the trial period.

Based on the IDC® Datacast System (the same used by DCDC in the domestic market) with Intelsat® IS-27 C-Band transponder, the system is up and running and ready for beta-sites in Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina, where exhibitors are providing access to install the reception servers. During this period, feature films, trailers, live alternative content and advertising DCPs will be distributed. Learn more at ShowEast booth 718. (

Cinema Scene Marketing
Cinema Scene Marketing is now offering “gopicnic” ready-to-eat meals. These meals are a great way to capture the health-conscious moviegoer, offering a healthier alternative to traditional concession options. “gopicnic” meals come in a variety of flavors that all are less than 500 calories and do not require any refrigeration or preparation. Pair your meal with bottled water and you have a healthy combo! Flavors include gluten-free, vegan, kosher and allergen-free options. Sold in quantities as low as a six-pack, each includes countertop displays for maximum visibility. Contact Neely Schiefelbein at for more information on flavors offered and pricing information, or stop by booth 1005.

Coca-Cola Freestyle® is a revolutionary fountain dispenser from The Coca-Cola Company that reinvigorates the fountain category by offering consumers an unprecedented choice—more than 100 branded beverages across sparkling and still categories. A product of the robust innovation process of The Coca-Cola Company, these sleek, stylish touch-screen fountains represent a complete departure from anything consumers have experienced before.

The fountain uses Coca-Cola’s proprietary PurePour Technology™, harnessing micro-dosing technology and design to create Coca-Cola brands from their recipes by blending concentrated beverage ingredients with water and sweetener at the point where the beverage is dispensed, via a proprietary, patented nozzle. Learn more at booth 902. (

Founded in 1986, CRU-DataPort is a pioneer in data security, encryption and data mobility devices. With over 300,000 units in the field, CRU-DataPort’s DX115 DC disk-drive storage solutions for digital cinema are the de-facto standard for the duplication, distribution, ingestion, playback and mastering of digital content worldwide. Visit CRU-DataPort at booth 626. (

Datasat Digital Entertainment
Datasat Digital Entertainment continues their mission to outfit the world’s cinemas with state-of-the-art digital audio-processing technology with the announcement of an additional product on the AP20 Audio Processor platform, the AP20L. Focused on the quality-discerning cinema owner, the AP20L offers the entry-level functionality and price point yet the same audio superiority that the line has come to be known for. The AP20L is an eight-channel audio processor and takes full advantage of the modular design of the platform, allowing for field upgrades to a 16-channel system and beyond as the cinema owner upgrades over time. See the AP20L at booth 404. (

Dolby Laboratories
The Dolby Integrated Media Block (IMB) provides exhibitors a platform for the future. This DCI-compliant system offers fully built-in support for High Frame Rate, 2K and 4K playback all at a single price, combining compatibility, lasting value and cost-effectiveness. New customers can purchase the DSS220 Screen Server with the Dolby IMB. The DSS220 is a smaller and lighter server designed specifically for use with the Dolby IMB. For customers who have already purchased a Dolby DSS200 Screen Server and want to upgrade to the benefits of an IMB solution, a simple software upgrade pairs the server with a Dolby IMB. Learn more at booth 1103. (

Doremi Cinema
The Doremi IMS1000 is a state-of-the art, DCI-compliant integrated media server that manages and delivers digital-cinema experiences with efficiency and flexibility. It includes digital storage, server capabilities and a secure DCI media block in a compact form that enables it to fit inside DLP® projectors. The IMS is controlled by Ethernet interface using a web-based version of Cinelister, TMS2000 or third-party TMS-supporting Doremi servers. DCP ingest can be done through USB, eSATA or Ethernet. The IMS1000 supports highest jpeg2000 decoding capabilities, including 4K and 3D HFR and accepts alternative content including 4K HDMI inputs, dual 3G SDI and Live stream. See the IMS1000 at booth 903. (

Embedded Processor Designs
PlexCall integrates aisle lighting and “press for service” notification. EPD’s new aisle lights not only illuminate the floor and clearly designate rows for your customers, but also allow your servers to know when a customer is requesting service without requiring them to leave the theatre. PlexCall can also alert servers and managers with monitors, pagers, text messages and email. See the new PlexCall aisle light at booth 819. (

Eomac in-VISIBLE™
Eomac in-VISIBLE™ Inc. introduces a breakthrough new technology—a unique concept in illuminated graphic display units for application on the interior walls of cinemas. Designed as part of the fabric acoustic wall treatments, the lighted graphic displays completely disappear when the houselights go down and the movie starts to roll. in-VISIBLE™ acoustic displays come in sizes of up to 2m x 2.7m (78.75" x 106.299 ") and integrate seamlessly into the theatre environment for never-before-realized opportunities in advertising, branding, promotion, or simply to enhance ambience, design and decoration of the space. Learn more at ShowEast booth 807 or visit

FOCUX Technology LLC
FOCUX fulfills the DCI requirements and offers you the lowest total cost of ownership in sound. FOCUX designs very easy-to-operate controls for the CM24. Users can control the processor via the wireless touchpad. The CM24 processor has excellent sound performance and is designed for digital cinemas. The processor features a 20-channel input and 12-channel output. Built-in functions include: crossover, 1/3-octave equalizer, parametric equalizer, delay, phase control, volume control and noise generator, which fulfills the demands of digital cinemas. See the CM24 at booth 418. (

GDC Technology
GDC Technology’s SX-3000S Standalone Integrated Media Block™ significantly lowers operation, maintenance and installation costs as it does not require a costly server attached to each IMB. In addition to its High Frame Rate capability in both 2D and 3D, the SX-3000S has the added benefit of supporting digital connectivity for alternative content such as 3G-SDI and HDMI input with image-scaling from HD to 4K (optional). The SX-3000S permits long-distance 2K and 4K (optional) content streaming and remote access via gigabit Ethernet, greatly simplifying cinema multiplex operations. Visit GDC Tech at booth 621. (

Harkness Screens

Harkness Spectral™ 300 3D silver screens are considered by cinema exhibitors and special-venue operators worldwide to be the optimum 3D projection surface for systems using polarized light. Spectral 300 is a specialist ultra-high-brightness silver screen, with an increased gain of 25% against Harkness’ existing Spectral 240 product. Spectral 300 gives excellent performance with “passive” 3D applications using polarized light where achieving suitable brightness levels, particularly for 3D presentation in larger auditoria, has proved problematic. It also performs well under 2D conditions and can be used for 3D/4D rides, simulators and special effects. Learn more at booth 818. (

Irwin Seating
Irwin Seating Company manufactures more fixed audience seating than anyone in the world, and has been the innovation leader for cinema seating solutions since 1990. Their latest product, the Rocking Loveseat, offers a smooth, quiet and reliable mechanism with an amazingly comfortable motion. This versatile chair platform can be used with various Signature back upholstery styles and either self-rising or stationary seat components, and has standard flip-up cupholder armrests. There are also options for more luxurious armrests and tables for use in premium ticket and foodservice areas. With this 100% American-made chair, you get the comfort your customers demand, and the quality and service you need. Try out the Rocking Loveseat at booth 815. (

Jack Roe
Need a cinema app? See JACRO! Kids love apps, and kids love movies. The idea is that apps help sell stuff. The good people at Jack Roe have created an app for cinemas of all sizes, all languages and all ticketing systems. It is customized to your theatre so that you know that your customers will only see your movie times. It’s simple—give the app to your customers and they have 24/7 access to your movie times from their cell-phones. Visit booth 816 to learn more about the Fone and Go™ app, Fone and Go telephone answering system (now also in Spanish), TaPoS Ticketing and PoS and JACRO Premiere Digital Signage. (

American-made Klipsch cinema speakers offer years of reliable performance and extraordinary wide, consistent coverage. Audiences have never heard dialogue so precise or soundtracks so stunningly detailed and immersive.

Long a favorite of theatre operators worldwide, Klipsch continues to innovate. The new KPT-310-N2 is an entry-level two-way mono-amp screen speaker system for smaller-size auditoriums where cost-effectiveness is the primary objective. The highly sophisticated N2 passive processors assure optimal performance between components. Utilizing the new KPT- 310-LF cabinet and new KPT-310-HF horn, this low-cost system's performance maintains all the characteristics of Klipsch's legendary sound in smaller cinemas. See this new system at booth 726. (

MasterImage 3D
Fight flat movie experiences with the superior color and clarity of the MI-CLARITY3D system. The MI-CLARITY3D provides unparalleled color fidelity and enhanced light efficiency, creating the highest image quality in 3D cinema presentation, and is available in three models. It also supports High Frame Rate (HFR) 3D content and provides a low cost-of-ownership business model. Visit MasterImage 3D at booth 415. (

Leverage the growing gummies segment and strength of the broadly appealing SweeTarts brand with SweeTarts Gummies peg 12 x 5.25oz. The gummies segment is outperforming the sugar category with a 10.3% growth rate and SweeTarts is the #1 Wonka sub-brand, growing at 18% vs. a year ago. SweeTarts Gummies is already the #3 Wonka peg item and growing at 45% month-over-month. Learn more at Nestle booth 706. (

Omniterm’s Management Dashboard provides management with key decision-making information at a glance. It displays dynamic operational and statistical information in both an informative and graphical view that allows effective management of daily theatre operations. It contains selectable real-time metrics on one screen with an up-to-the-minute view of theatre operations. In addition to sales and scheduling data, the system also monitors other crucial applications and reports on hardware connectivity status. The intelligence of the Dashboard is heightened through the Management Messaging Area, indicating employee-scheduling issues, cashier-drop requirements, system connection problems and other potential operational issues. Visit booth 708 to learn more. (

The OSRAM KREIOS One Sheet is an ultra-thin LED panel that is ideal for illuminating signage at theatres and cinemas. The KREIOS OneSheet is designed to fit standard one-sheet-sized posters. The thin profile and plug-and-play operation allow the OneSheet to be incorporated into almost any new or retrofit poster box. A snap frame allows for quick and easy poster changes. With extremely uniform light distribution and a cool white temperature, the KREIOS OneSheet panel will make your posters “pop.” It provides a high-impact visual performance while reducing energy consumption by 65% over traditional light boxes. Stop by booth 702 and take a look. (

Packaging Concepts
Packaging Concepts, Inc. is again expanding their ever-growing line of concession packaging with the introduction of a new line of hot food trays and bags. The trays are perfect for French fries, chicken tenders, pretzel bites or any hot food item that is served with or without a dipping sauce. As movie exhibitors continue to increase their concession food offerings, PCI is there to assist with design, graphics, and delivery of quality concession packaging with superior graphics, at an economical cost. Visit Packaging Concepts at ShowEast booth 1117. (

Philips Lighting
In tough economic times, the new Philips XDC 4200SL has been especially designed to allow cinema owners that do not require the high brightness of the current XDC 4200S to further decrease their total cost of ownership. The new lamp offers a long life of 850 hours in combination with a light output of 18,000 lm in the Sony SRX-R320 projector. This new addition to the wide Philips range of best-in-class digital-cinema Xenon lamps has been officially approved by Sony for its SRX-R320 and SRX-R220 projectors and reconfirms why Philips has become the preferred standard worldwide for Sony projectors.

The XDC 4200SL can be used in either 2D or 3D applications, depending on screen size, format and gain. To determine which lamp offers the most appropriate solution for a specific application, Philips recommends using its lamp selector tool at Learn more at booth 803.

Polaris Digital Signage
Polaris’ software solutions can be used in a wide range of applications, from single PC signage to networks of thousands of PC players. The software is simple to install and easy to use, making it possible to get your network up and running in hours.

All Polaris digital signage software products are optimized for the best onscreen performance. You can display your media full-screen or create sophisticated multi-zoned layouts with different content in each zone. Each player follows a preset program schedule to deliver sound, video, HD broadcast feeds, images, news, weather reports and text, as well as live connections to URLs, Twitter and RSS feeds.

By integrating with your POS ticketing system, Polaris DSS can dynamically change your movies, available seats and showtimes, as well as display ratings, posters, trailers and more. Visit Polaris at booth 1219. (

ProSTAR Industries
ProSTAR Industries spotlights the QuickNap two-ply interfolded dispensing napkin. The QuickNap, when paired with the Evolution collection of napkin dispensers, can reduce waste by up to 30% by dispensing napkins one at a time, ensuring patrons use fewer napkins. QuickNap is significantly less expensive than domestic interfold brands and is available in white or natural. Be a star in your theatre, by controlling waste and saving money. Visit ProSTAR at booth 1023 to learn more. (

QSC Audio
QSC’s AcousticPerformance Series is a line of full-range/bi-amp loudspeakers ideal for applications requiring high SPL output and smooth, wide coverage. The lineup features three models with trapezoidal enclosures and 10”, 12” and 15” woofers matched with a large-format, high-frequency compression driver. AcousticPerformance enclosures feature elegant design and M10 fly points to allow safe suspension in a variety of orientations. The AP speakers are perfect for high-output surround applications and can even be used as screen channels in small screening rooms. To further enhance system performance, bi-amp and full-range DSP settings are available via the QSC DCP Processor and DCM Crossover. Visit QSC at booth 603. (

Qube Cinema
QubeTouch is an intuitive new user interface that will work with all Qube digital-cinema servers. QubeTouch is available as a touch-enabled HTML5 web app built into the Qube server and accessible on any modern web browser including those on the iPad and other tablets; and also as an Android application called QubeTouch Remote that will soon be available on the Google Play app store, free for a limited time.

The QubeTouch interface provides theatre managers and projectionists with a consistent, highly interactive user experience in both the desktop (web interface) and the mobile (Android app) worlds. And because QubeTouch is a standards-based platform, a dedicated management system or a proprietary touch panel is not required, in turn ensuring minimum expenditure and maximum productivity.

The feature set is extensive, providing convenient access to everyday functions such as basic show and playback controls, as well as advanced health monitoring and usage information. Intuitive dialogs, familiar action icons and buttons enable the user to manage media and keys, set up automatic show schedules, adjust system configuration settings, and more. See the QubeTouch at booth 920. (

RCM Media
RCM Media continues to provide exhibitors with their Kids’ Movie Themed Combo Packs. The Combo Packs come with their patented Speedpack, Collector Cups and Collector Figurines. DreamWorks Animation’s Nov. 21 release Rise of the Guardians is their next promotion and is available for immediate shipment.

The 2013 Kids’ Combo Pack Calendar is set and includes some very strong titles and franchise properties including Croods, Epic, Monsters University, Despicable Me 2 and The Smurfs 2, just to name a few. Premium Collector Figurines are proven vehicles to help exhibitors increase those ever-so-important per-caps while offering their patrons “a little piece of Hollywood.” RCM will also be introducing large Collector Drink Cups with Premium Toppers for event films like Iron Man 3. See the latest items at booth 423. (

Screen Rewards
Screen Rewards is brand-new technology that has never been done before in a movie theatre setting. Their platform offers loyalty points for social-media engagement by either utilizing your existing loyalty program or by creating one for you. They bring Facebook and Twitter to life on the big screen to drive new social-media fans to the movies while generating a brand-new revenue stream for exhibitors. Learn more at booth 422. (

Sony Digital Cinema
Sony Digital Cinema’s new 4K digital-cinema projection system, the SRX-R515P, was developed with small, medium and independent theatres in mind. The projector delivers Sony’s proven industry-leading 4K projection technology combined with enhancements in affordability, performance and functionality. The SRX-R515P is even more compact than the original SRX-R320P, which is still widely used. The new system further increases installation flexibility for smaller projection booths and creates more operating space for smaller exhibitors. It also comes with a fully Sony-qualified integrated media block and server, enabling high-speed content ingest and transfer and making theatre operation more efficient and effective. See the SRX-515 at booth 403. (

Tempo Industries
Series 3000 from Tempo Industries is a flexible, high-brightness and robust upgrade from rope and ribbon-type lighting. Utilizing lighting-class LEDs in an ultra-compact and extremely flexible configuration, the Series 3000 provides enhanced output in both a variety of white and colored light including 22, 27, 35, 45K as well as red, green and blue. Available in either AC or DC configurations and dimmable with compatible control systems, the Series 3000 provides an easily maintainable system with longer runs and higher light output than previously available. See the Series 3000 at booth 1120. (

Tivoli, LLC introduces the latest advancement to their patented Two-Tone Bullnose product, incorporating features designed specifically from industry installer feedback. The new step product includes a tack-down strip on the tread to assist in securing the product in place for those overnight retrofits. Also newly developed is the system end cap with overlapping connection and longer insertion tabs to provide a clean and professional look to any installation. These products coordinate with all of Tivoli’s lighted systems and can be used to provide the patented two-tone stripe to other product retrofits as well. Learn more at booth 721. (

USL’s cost-efficient JSD-60 is especially designed for digital-cinema applications. The processor includes six standard formats, plus one that is completely configurable. A built-in bypass audio circuit ensures that the presentation continues.

With state-of-the-art 96kHz digital processing, the digital formats include an eight-channel AES-EBU input, one coax (S/PDIF) and one TOSLINK optical, both with optional AC3 decoding. Analog formats include a six-channel balanced input, stereo unbalanced input with matrix decoding, and one microphone input with phantom power. Outputs include eight channels of balanced analog audio, plus HI/VI balanced outputs. Other features include three-channel, bi-amped digital crossover; a fully configurable format button to address such issues as audio level changes or 5.1/7.1 switching; and a global time delay for video and audio synchronization from zero to 200ms, plus a surround delay from zero to 150ms. See the JSD-60 at booth 615. (

For 40 years, Vantiv’s team of committed professionals has made them one of the most trusted organizations in the payment-processing industry. Vantiv has driven many of the changes that prompted the shift from cash to electronic payments, and that innovative spirit continues to be their strength. Boundary pushers, Vantiv is changing the face of payments.
The electronic payments industry is large and will continue to grow as consumers and merchants alike seek out new ways to make and receive payments. Vantiv’s single proprietary technology platform provides industry-specific solutions, and for movie theatre owners who want to look at value-added solutions, Vantiv offers products that go well beyond credit and debit processing. Movie theatre owners can now look at other services such as mobile applications, advisory services and data security. Learn more at booth 421. (

Vista Entertainment Solutions
Vista Entertainment Solutions continues their rollout of customer-centric cinema software solutions with Vista InTouch at ShowEast 2012. Via their mobile device, Vista InTouch is designed to enable cinema managers to find the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they are in the cinema complex. Rather than relying on a central location for access and response to “current day” operational data, InTouch provides on-the-go view and change functionality for commonly performed actions such as cashier support, releasing house seats and cash drops.

Visit Vista and learn more about InTouch at booth 910. (

Volfoni 3D

Volfoni is impacting the 3D cinema world with its elegant SmartCrystal™ Cinema. Boldly designed, SmartCrystal Cinema is the latest in passive 3D theatre system technology—perfect for any exhibitor looking for a high-quality and competitively priced solution. SmartCrystal Cinema uses “surface-switching” technology, developed by Volfoni's R&D team, and is manufactured entirely in Europe. Approved by several Hollywood studios in 2012, the SmartCrystal Cinema polarization panel allows for bright and colorful 3D imagery, works with all cinema projectors up to 7 kW, is compatible with High Frame Rate (HFR) content, and is recommended for use with silver screens up to 66 feet wide. See SmartCrystal at booth 1007. (

West World Media
West World Media presents enhanced mobile websites.Your patrons have the latest iPhone. Do you have the latest mobile website? West World Media’s enhance mobile websites are designed and programmed for the latest phones including iPhone 5. They’re easily saved as iPhone web apps, with all the benefits of an app with none of the cost or hassle. Features include new cover flow-style movie posters, GPS theatre locator, new “coming soon” and advance ticket page, added support for Fandango ticketing, and customization to promote special events, operas, midnights, etc. Learn more at booth 1019. (