Barco promotes d-cinema solutions for smaller theatres


Barco announced an array of digital-cinema solutions tailored to the needs and budgets of smaller theatres, independent cinemas and art houses. The company’s fully integrated 0.69” DLP Cinema® projector, 3D cinema sound format Barco Auro 11.1, digital signage solutions and an on-demand remote cinema-management system can combine into an economical, turnkey system to help small exhibitors shape their “Cinema of the Future,” Barco stated.

Barco has introduced the DP2K-10Sx, a compact, fully integrated d-cinema projector and server package, which comes with a high-grade, motorized cinema lens, a 2.2 kW energy-efficient Xenon lamp, and an Integrated Media Server with integrated storage for a completely turnkey solution. High-frame-rate playback is available at no additional charge. It is also compatible with all 3D systems and maintains spare parts commonality with other Barco projectors.

Barco’s CineCare Web is a fully scalable online monitoring and service tool designed to maximize uptime of cinema equipment by enabling 24/7 remote management. 
And Barco digital signage solutions provide a flexible, cost-effective way to entertain and communicate with audiences in the lobby, in concessions stands and other high-traffic areas to promote a cinema’s brand, merchandise, upcoming features, and more.

“Barco maintains an unwavering commitment to shaping the cinema of the future for all of our customers, from the largest national circuits, to the single independent art house,” commented Wim Buyens, Barco’s senior VP, entertainment. “We’ve taken much care in leveraging our best-in-class digital-cinema technologies across compact, scalable platforms to enable these smaller exhibitors to reap the full rewards of a move to Barco digital cinema.”