Scrabble signs with Hollywood studios for Latin America d-cinema deployment


Scrabble Entertainment, the India-based digital-cinema deployment entity, is now extending its reach to Latin America after successfully deploying d-cinema in India and the Middle East.

Scrabble has signed separate non-exclusive digital-cinema deployment agreements for the region with Warner Bros. Pictures International, Universal Pictures International, Walt Disney Motion Pictures International and Sony Pictures Releasing International. An agreement with 20th Century Fox International is pending. Systems will be DCI-compliant.

Scrabble’s rollout plan will commence in early 2013 and will initially cover Brazil, Mexico and Chile. Within a few months of establishing an operating presence in the region, Scrabble expects to widen its reach to other Latin American countries as well.

“Our creative ways and out-of-the-box model have made us successful in every country in which we have deployed digital cinema so far,” said Ranjit Thakur, CEO of Scrabble Entertainment. “The Latin American marketplace will be no different. This region has a unique set of challenges and there will be stiff competition with other deploying entities. We believe that exhibitors will be inclined to work with us because of our unique and flexible business model.”