Syufy's drive-in theatres choose Barco DLP projectors


Leading digital-cinema company Barco and Moving Image Technologies, an independent equipment integrator and installer, are supplying Barco’s DLP Cinema® projectors for 100 percent of Syufy’s drive-in theatres located in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Digital projection in drive-in theatres presents unique challenges because of the long throws and ambient light conditions, making high brightness a critical requirement. With Barco’s worl- record-winning DP2K-32B projector, Syufy is achieving superior light levels, significantly enhancing the image quality of its outdoor movies.

“Although we’d worked diligently to optimize the quality of our film projectors, the crispness, sharpness and color rendition of the Barco digital projectors are taking us to an amazing new level of image quality. Our customers noticed a big difference from the very first showing,” commented Michael Ghiorso, VP of special projects at Syufy Enterprises.

“The Syufy name has been closely associated with cinema for over 70 years and the quality of the brand is apparent throughout their drive-in properties,” commented Patrick Lee, VP, digital cinema, for Barco North America. “The bright, vivid optics of digital cinema will make drive-in presentations a whole new game.”

Because of the projector’s modularity, Syufy’s local operators can easily maintain the units onsite with readily available parts. Easily accessible components ensure fast servicing and replacement, and the sealed light engine is also a distinct benefit in the outdoor movie environment because it eliminates the potential for dust intrusion.