CineAsia 2012 showcases new products and technologies


The annual CineAsia trade show runs Dec. 11-13 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. FJI presents a selection of CineAsia vendors and their latest products.

Barco’s DP2K10Sx is a fully integrated, DCI-compliant projection system—including a 0.69” DLP Cinema® projector, a high-grade cinema lens and an Integrated Media Server. It’s the perfect choice for exhibitors who want to lower their operational expenses and achieve worry-free DCI compliance when going digital.

DP2K10Sx is based on brand-new technology specifically designed for Texas Instruments’ S2K DLP Cinema chip. Thanks to the superior optical design and sealed engine, DP2K10Sx is your guarantee for ultra-bright projection time after time. As the brightest projector in its category, the DP2K10Sx offers a first-class movie experience—even in 3D. Learn more at CineAsia booth 301.

Beijing Aigexinda Technology Co.
Beijing Aigexinda Technology Co., Ltd.’s 3D window MOV-PG018 is a practical 3D system specially designed for single projectors, comprised of a 3D control box and optical glass. Digital beams project onto the screen from different directions through a 3D window that is fixed in front of the DCI digital projector lens. Audiences can enjoy 3D movies with polarized glasses. See the MOV-PG016 at booth 605.

Beijing Multiricher Film & TV Technology Co.
The Yumex brand is a newcomer to the digital cinema industry, but it has been become more and more popular in China since Yumex Inc. expanded its business to the digital cinema field three years ago. Beijing Multiricher Film & TV Technology Co. is now able to supply all types of d-cinema projection lamps, which can be applied to the existing popular d-cinema projectors from companies like Barco, Christie, NEC and Sony. With its unique cathode lamp, Yumex’s reputation for lamp brightness and life is growing in the mainland. Learn more at booth 502.

Beijing Quinette Great Wall Seats
Beijing Quinette Great Wall Seat is designed ergonomically, uses a three-dimensional curve, and offers better support. Its backrest and seat pan all use special foam which is soft, upright, sturdy and comfortable for a long sit. High-quality knitted composite fabric has good air permeability. Combined durability tests of the seat pan and backrest have been done more than 210,000 times. Fire-resistant material achieves the national standard B1 and meets the requirement of fire-control safety. Visit Beijing Quinette at booth 615.

Beijing Zhongju International Trading
Ideal for cinemas, Cindy’s Chestnuts are made of original chestnuts grown in Yanshan in northeastern China. Expert processing methods insure purity and spectacular taste. Sample Cindy’s Chestnuts at booth 617.

Christie Solaria® One is a high-value, premium digital-cinema offering designed for theatres with screen less than 10.6 meters (35 feet) wide. It is the first solution based on Texas Instruments’ recently developed S2K DLP Cinema® chipset.

The Solaria One delivers fully DCI-compliant images at 8,000 lumens within the DCI color space. Its all-in-one design, that is packed with a zoom lens, a high-performance Xenon lamp, an Integrated Media Block (IMB) for playing high-frame-rate movies and Screen Management System (SMS) for controlling the system, has won kudos from customers in its product previews around the globe. See the Solaria One at booth 201. (

Create deliciously toasted caramel-flavored popcorn with Cretors’ Maize Glaze. As the popcorn pops in the kettle, each kernel is directly coated with a light sugar glaze that is sure to please. Simply add Cretors Maize Glaze directly into the kettle along with the oil and corn, and begin popping! It's that easy. Check out Maize Glaze at booth 808. (

Dolby Laboratories
The most significant development in audio since the arrival of surround sound is here. Dolby® Atmos™ delivers audiences a more natural and realistic sound field, transporting them into the story with a lifelike sensory experience. Developed with input from professionals throughout the movie industry, Dolby Atmos represents a dynamic shift in audio, reinventing the traditional surround-sound methodology and offering a complete platform for sound now and well into the future. Learn more at booth 205. (

FOCUX fulfills the DCI requirements and offers you the lowest total cost of ownership in sound. FOCUX designs very easy-to-operate controls for the CM24. Users can control the processor via a wireless touchpad. The CM24 processor has excellent sound performance and is designed for digital cinemas. The processor features a 20-channel input and 12-channel output. Built-in functions include: crossover, 1/3-octave equalizer, parametric equalizer, delay, phase control, volume control and noise generator, which meets the demands of digital cinemas. FOCUX says the CM24 is so powerful that it greatly outperforms other digital processors. See the CM24 at booth 810. (

GDC Technology

GDC’s SX-3000 Standalone Integrated Media Block™ significantly lowers operation, maintenance and installation costs. This cost-effective solution seamlessly integrates with all S2K projectors. It also offers flexible storage options (NAS, GDC portable storage device and GDC storage servers) and does not require a costly server attached to each IMB. The SX-3000 provides premium HFR playback quality, as it fully conforms with the DCI-recommended practice of playing 500Mb/s compression bit rates. It helps save operation costs by allowing long-distance content streaming and remote access via gigabit Ethernet cable connection, greatly simplifying cinema multiplex operations. Finally, the SX-3000 supports all image resolution of SD to 4K. Visit GDC Technology at booth 311. (

The new Kinoton TMS (Theatre Management System) is a networked, cinema-wide system for centrally managing equipment such as projectors and servers in multiple projection rooms. By centrally harnessing all d-cinema routines like ingesting new DCPs, entering KDM keys and assembling, editing, and scheduling shows, the Kinoton TMS taps the full work and cost-saving potential of digital cinema. The Kinoton TMS already includes a highly fail-safe disk storage with 12 terabytes of memory capacity which can be extended almost without limit by adding more library units with 16 TB or 24 TB each. Learn more at booth 405. (

American-made Klipsch cinema speakers offer years of reliable performance and extraordinary wide, consistent coverage. Audiences have seldom heard dialogue so precise or soundtracks so stunningly detailed and immersive.

Long a favorite of theatre operators worldwide, Klipsch continues to innovate: The new KPT-310-N2 is an entry-level, two-way mono-amp screen speaker system for smaller auditoriums where cost-effectiveness is the primary objective. The highly sophisticated N2 passive processors assure optimal performance between components. Utilizing the new KPT- 310-LF cabinet and new KPT-310-HF horn, this low-cost system's performance maintains all the characteristics of Klipsch's legendary sound in smaller cinemas. See the KPT-310-N2 at booth 807. (

Leonis recently introduced the 3D signal-format converter TRANS3D, the world's first theatre-level live 3D solution, supporting live 3D sports and live 3D concerts, along with Blu-ray 3D playback capabilities.

The product has been installed in many domestic cinemas, while overseas the market is fully open. This year, Leonis and GlobeCast Australia and MediaTech Hong Kong respectively signed 500-set and 100-set TRANS3D exclusive supply agreements for live 3D.

As a company dedicated to 3D cinema technology research and development, Leonis has more than 20 kinds of d-cinema products, such as its 3D d-cinema server system (X-Filter, A3D2000, P3DDC2000, etc.) Visit Leonis at booth 511. (

MasterImage 3D
Captivate audiences and spark their imaginations by providing an immersive 3D entertainment experience. The MI-WAVE3D automated liquid-crystal system combines trusted MasterImage 3D image quality with cost-effective efficiency to meet your business needs. The MI-WAVE3D easily installs in front of any DLP projector, offering fast 2D/3D switching and advanced automation features such as Ethernet and Sync Pulse. In addition, the MI-WAVE3D is fully certified by Hollywood studios, ready for high frame rates, and comes with a two-year warranty. See the MI-WAVE3D system at booth 411. (

With its Cinema Suite, NCR offers the only end-to-end solution for cinema technology including all point-of-sale, site and headquarters software; hardware sales, installation and maintenance and a local presence in all Asian and Pacific countries. Their solution includes state-of-the-art technologies for managing loyalty programs, gift cards, mobile sales and customer satisfaction, as well as cloud-based solutions for managing web and social-media ticketing. Beyond the software, NCR is a leader in hardware for cinema and retail with over 128 years of experience. This culminates in their latest hardware platform, the P1230 terminal, which features solid-state technology at a low cost. Learn more at booth 416. (

Plusrite Electric
Plusrite’s lamp mode PDXL-4000-B offers 4000W of power, a range of 100-130A, light output of 170,000 lm, ignition voltage (zero to peak) of 40kv at 25 degrees C, and 1,000 hours of life. It's designed for Barco digital projectors DP 2K-15C, DP 2K-20C, DP 2K-19B, DP 2K-23B, DP-1500 and DP-2000. Visit Plusrite at booth 601. (

Qingdao Fuyi Acoustics Products
Qingdao Fuyi Acoustics Products offers the perfect combination of acoustical panel, acoustical drape and efficient light. Their unique designs are used in many cinemas, theatres, conference centers, hotels, etc. They not only supply the acoustical materials, but help their customers with the in-depth design work. Visit Qingdao Fuyi at booth 611. (

QSC’s AcousticPerformance Series is a line of full-range, bi-amp loudspeakers ideal for applications requiring high SPL output and smooth, wide coverage. The lineup features three models with trapezoidal enclosures and 10”, 12” and 15” woofers matched with a large-format, high-frequency compression driver. AcousticPerformance enclosures feature elegant design and M10 fly points to allow safe suspension in a variety of orientations. The AP speakers are perfect for high-output surround applications and can even be used as screen channels in small screening rooms. To further enhance system performance, bi-amp and full-range DSP settings are available via the QSC DCP Processor and DCM Crossover. Visit QSC at booth 100. (

QubeTouch is an intuitive new user interface that will work with all Qube digital-cinema servers. QubeTouch is available as a touch-enabled HTML5 web app built into the Qube server and accessible on any modern web browser including those on the iPad and other tablets; and also as an Android application called QubeTouch Remote that will soon be available on the Google Play app store, free for a limited time. The QubeTouch interface provides theatre managers and projectionists with a consistent, highly interactive user experience on both the desktop (web interface) and the mobile (Android app) worlds. See QubeTouch at booth 401. (

Share Dimension
Share Dimension introduces Cinema Scheduler, a new software solution for automating the creation of film schedules. Cinema Scheduler generates daily or weekly film schedules in agreement with all cinema and distributor constraints, in just a matter of seconds. The sophisticated algorithm combines advance forecasting based on historical box-office information with state-of-the-art scheduling technology. It integrates with leading ticketing systems and provides fully automated schedules that will maximize your cinema seat occupancy. Visit Share Dimension and learn more about Cinema Scheduler at CineAsia booth 415. (

Shenzhen XShock 3D Glasses
Shenzhen XShock’s active-shutter 3D glasses boast a cool appearance, are lightweight and ergonomic, and support infrared emission, Bluetooth and other signal sources. They use the high-speed response of high-quality liquid-crystal lens, which eliminates eye fatigue. Electromagnetic interference is not a concern, and there’s a high permeability rate, no flash smelting and no ghosting. The glasses use a lithium-ion rechargeable battery or button battery, and can be applied to 3D cinema, 3D TV and 3D projectors. Learn more at booth 414. (xshock,

Sony Digital Cinema
The SRX-R515P is a high-quality 4K digital-cinema projection system designed for use in small or medium-sized screen auditoriums. SRX-R515P is fully DCI-compliant and boasts design features that make it more cost-effective and simple to use. It offers true 4K quality from the Integrated Media Block through the lens to the cinema screen and features an improved SXRD optical engine, higher contrast ratio, 15,000-lumen brightness, easy-on-the-eye Sony 3D, and High Frame Rate (HFR) capabilities of 48 and 60 frames per second. See the SRX-R515P at booth 211. (

Star Screen
Star Screen’s MJ-3M screen frame system consists of the screen, screen frame (including speaker tower), horizontal electric three-phase open screen frame, vertical electric three-phase open screen frame, and electric dustproof screen device. You can also alternatively select some of the devices and combine them into screen equipment for movie projection.

This system is applicable for immobilizing the flat and cambered screen with sizes smaller than 20m×10m in movie projection. It can automatically realize the transition between the format of standard film, masking film and wide-screen film. The screen frame is composed of frame stand, footing, transverse fixation device, screen fixed rod, and back wall supporting rod. The primary frame member is manufactured of high-quality steel tube with fixed length of three meters. It is assembled into the screen frame at any size on-site by jointly pulling. You can also add alternative devices like independent voice-box stand, top maintenance trails, ladder stand, and maintenance and safety appliances. Visit Star Screen at booth 606. (

Taiwan Smile Food

Want to introduce new popcorn flavors to your concessions, but limited by current equipment? Do you worry about equipment capacity during rush times and lose concession income? Are your customers requesting new flavors, but your supplier can only provide you “ordinary” sweet and salty flavors?

There is solution to all of these problems. Pop Smile can OEM your own flavor popcorn as a short-term promotional item with its own promotional popcorn bucket. The company is developing over 50 flavors, so that your customers will never feel bored. Build up your cinema brand while promoting your upcoming movies. Check out Pop Smile at booth 816. (

Universal Cinema Services
Established in Beijing in June 2012, UCS-NOC (Network Operation Center)
is the first digitized management service platform for cinema in the Asia-Pacific region. Backed by Universal Cinema Services Co., Ltd. (UCS), it gathers the most high-end technology and talents in the global digital-cinema and IT industries.

NOC is a complete one-stop cinema management service platform, integrating leading IT technology, advanced concepts of cinema management service and high-end technical solutions to software and hardware. Depending on interconnection of equipment via the Internet, NOC provides real-time, efficient and intelligent operation monitoring and round-the-clock service. It is expected that UCS–NOC will lead to a profound revolution in the Chinese film industry and bring users great value. Learn more at booth 813. (

USL’s cost-efficient JSD-60 is especially designed for digital-cinema applications. The processor includes six standard formats, plus one that is completely configurable. A built-in bypass audio circuit ensures that the presentation continues.

With state-of-the-art 96kHz digital processing, the digital formats include an eight-channel AES-EBU input, one coax (S/PDIF) and one TOSLINK optical, both with optional AC3 decoding. Analog formats include a six-channel balanced input, stereo unbalanced input with matrix decoding, and one microphone input with phantom power. Outputs include eight channels of balanced analog audio, plus HI/VI balanced outputs. Other features include three-channel, bi-amped digital crossover; a fully configurable format button to address such issues as audio level changes or 5.1/7.1 switching; and a global time delay for video and audio synchronization from zero to 200ms, plus a surround delay from zero to 150ms. See the JSD-60 at booth 206. (

Vista Entertainment Solutions
Vista Entertainment Solutions continues their rollout of customer-centric cinema software solutions with Vista InTouch, featured at CineAsia 2012. Via their mobile device, Vista InTouch is designed to enable cinema managers to find the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they are in the cinema complex. Rather than relying on a central location for access and response to “current day” operational data, InTouch provides on-the-go view and change functionality for commonly performed actions such as cashier support, releasing house seats and cash drops. Visit Vista and learn more about InTouch at booth 115. (

The Magic Crystal™ Cinema, Volfoni-Rio’s latest innovation in passive 3D technology, is a polarization window that can be placed immediately in front of the projector. It can generate stereoscopic 3D image on a suitable projection screen when using lightweight passive viewing glasses. It is suitable for movie theatres with DCI-compliant DLP projectors and permits a quick installation in any projection booth with optimal support brackets.

The lens of the Magic Crystal Cinema comprises a multi-layer stack of liquid-crystal elements based on Volfoni-Rio’s Surface Switching Technology™, and enables high frame rates of up to 200Hz to be achieved, creating crisp and bright 3D images. The Magic Crystal Cinema can be connected directly to any suitable 3D synchronization source and operates with cinema projectors up to 7KW. See the Magic Crystal at booths 515 and 802. (


XPAND Passive 3D Cinema delivers performance, comfort and commercial versatility to the exhibition market. The system features stunning new glasses that are lighter, more ergonomic and more stylish than anything on the market today. The glasses, available in adult and children sizes, reflect well on the theatre and make for a more comfortable viewing experience.

XPAND Passive 3D Cinema is a cost-effective 3D cinema solution using high-quality, disposable, circularly polarized 3D glasses and active projector polarizer with full support of all HFR formats. The system works with all digital-cinema projectors and requires the usage of a high-gain silver screen. Learn more at booth 417. (

Yuyu Electric

Yuyu Electric’s new xenon lamps for digital projectors offer high quality, an exciting price, and excellent service (a 48-hour solution). Learn more at booth 507. (