Harkness Screens sells 1,000th digital screen checker


Harkness Screens, the world’s leading manufacturer of projection screens for cinemas, has sold its 1,000th unit of the Digital Screen Checker, the new version of its previous luminance meter.

“The groundswell of interest behind the product has been phenomenal,” says Richard Mitchell, worldwide marketing manager at Harkness. “There’s been a real buzz about it which appears to be continuing as the industry gets more switched on to issues surrounding screen brightness levels… We genuinely believe that the Digital Screen Checker is well on the way to becoming the tool of choice for use when checking screen brightness in auditoria and a low-cost, zero-compromise solution where the more expensive meters are unaffordable.”

The Digital Screen Checker is a handheld digital-cinema device to measure screen brightness, expressing readings in foot-lamberts. It provides instant readings for both 2D and 3D screens and is calibrated to be accurate even in the lower ranges used in 3D projection. The foot-lambert reading is shown on an LED digital display and is expressed to at least one decimal place.

For more information, visit the Harkness Screens web page at www.harkness-screens.com.