Hunan Fayoo installs Barco S2K projectors


Barco’s newest DP2K-10S digital-cinema projector, based on the 0.69” DLP Cinema® chipset, was selected by Hunan Fayoo Film Culture Industry Investment Management Co. and installed in five auditoriums at its newly opened cinema in Taojiang, Hunan Province, China. This makes Fayoo the first exhibitor in China to use an S2K projector to show commercial movies.

The DP2K-10S projector is the industry’s first DCI-compliant and fully integrated digital-cinema projector for small-screen theatres.

CFG-Barco, the joint venture between Barco and China Film Group, stated that over 100 Barco S2K projectors will be provided to local cinemas in China by the end of this year.

Cao Yu, chairman of Hunan Fayoo, commented: “Investments in local theatres are part of our strategic deployment. Barco’s cost-effective, highly reliable S2K projector is just what we need to enable our small-sized cinemas to exhibit domestic and overseas blockbusters and provide moviegoers with a premium cinema experience.”

The DP2K-10S won the Best Product Award at the 2012 Beijing International Radio, TV & Film Equipment Exhibition (BIRTV) in August.