Southern Theatres chooses Cinedigm management software


Southern Theatres selected Cinedigm Enterprise, a head-office solution, to centrally manage the operation of Southern movie theatre locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina,and Texas.

Enterprise is an application with two-way workflow and real-time monitoring features designed to increase operational control and efficiency. Working in conjunction with Cinedigm’s Theatre Command Center, TMS Enterprise provides real-time, consolidated access to every theatre. A rules-based scheduling engine eliminates time-consuming trailer and preshow scheduling tasks currently performed at every theatre. Other features include real-time messaging and status of content, KDMs, shows and equipment for every theatre, and centralized KDM delivery and TDL/FLM management.

Southern Theatres is headquartered in New Orleans and was founded by George Solomon in 2002. Ronald Krueger II is chief operating officer.