Event Cinema Association to host networking day


The recently launched Event Cinema Association will host a special Networking Event in Brussels, Belgium, on March 7. Aimed at distributors, exhibitors, technical providers and content providers in the global business of event cinema and alternative-content offerings, the program is open to everyone with an interest in this area.

Highlights of the Networking Event will include the release of exclusive industry data by partner Screen Digest, case studies led by a distributors seminar entitled “How to Execute an Event Cinema Marketing Campaign,” and a showcase of the latest ECA trailer reel.

Guest speakers and panelists will include Jan Runge, CEO of UNIC, the International Union of Cinemas; Isabelle Fauchet of the Royal Opera House; Carmen 3D director Julian Napier; Austin Shaw of Ominverse Vision; Penny Nagle of More2Screen; Maria Bezenkova of NevaFilm; Loran Abadie of CGR, and Chantal Krakowski of Euroscoop.

Mike Gubbins, Rob Arthur and Peter Buckingham will moderate Q&As. Topics will include financing, marketing, challenges facing this sector, and raising support from the rest of the industry. Lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Chairman Melissa Keeping notes, “The ECA has recognized that there is a need for those involved in the event cinema industry to meet and exchange ideas.
The ECA Networking Event will be an opportunity for this growing sector to congregate in a dedicated seminar dealing with issues that affect the event cinema industry on a daily basis.”

Tickets are on sale on the Event Cinema Association website,
www.eventcinemaassociation.org, priced at £150 + VAT for ECA members and £200 + VAT for non-members (difference refundable for delegates joining the ECA on the day). Discounts also apply for CEA, FDA and UNIC members.