ICTA announces representative for European office


The International Cinema Technology Association (ICTA) appointed Thomas Rüttgers as the representative for ICTA Europe.

Joe DeMeo, president of ICTA, explained, “Our main goal is to strengthen the position of our European members within the association.” He added that ICTA is also planning to extend its cooperation with other European bodies such as the European Digital Cinema Forum, UNIC (Union Internationale de Cinemas) and MediaSalles for seminars, trade events and publications.

Rüttgers will establish his office at European Cinema Consulting (ECCO) in Dusseldorf, Germany, where he is VP and managing director. “I am delighted that ICTA has chosen ECCO and myself to support their team and am convinced that this is the right step to raise interest in ICTA in Europe,” Rüttgers stated. He indicated that one of the next steps of ICTA Europe will be to put the European Seminar Series on a new level and make it a networking event for all European players of the cinema industry, involving as many other European and international trade associations as possible.

Rüttgers has been in the cinema industry for over 25 years. From 1996 till 2011, he was managing partner of the cinema outfitter FTT in Düsseldorf, a company founded in 1960 by Hannes Rüttgers, a cousin of Thomas’ father Hannsdieter Rüttgers. Under his management, the family-run business expanded its international business and opened a series of joint ventures throughout Europe.

In 2011, he was appointed senior VP of sales at dcinex group (formerly XDC, FTT and Bewegte Bilder) and oversaw business development and sales activities of all European branch offices of the group. In 2012, he founded European Cinema Consulting, which acts as a link between manufacturers, system integrators and exhibitors.

The upcoming ICTA Seminar Series will take place in Barcelona, Spain, on June 22-23. Details of the program will be announced shortly. Those interested in the seminar or in becoming a member of ICTA are invited to contact Angela Bünger at angela.buenger@ecco)online.eu or +49 (0) 211 522 875 14.