Sony introduces new 4K 3D system


Sony Digital Cinema is introducing a new 3D offering for the cinema industry.
The new solution, now available across Europe, will mean exhibitors can show 3D content on one of two Sony DCI-compliant 4K projectors: the SRX-R320SP and the SRX-R515P. Each of the projectors will work alongside a polarizing filter system (the LKRA-005) and Sony’s 3D dual lenses.
The Sony Digital Cinema 4K advanced dual-lens 3D system shows two images to both eyes simultaneously for more natural “easy on the eye” viewing, reflecting the way human vision works naturally. Conventional single-lens triple-flash 3D systems present the images to the left eye only and then the right eye only in total up to 144 times per second. The Sony 3D on 4K dual-lens solution significantly reduces flicker.
The Sony Digital Cinema 4K dual-lens 3D system also enables cinema exhibitors to use high frame rate (HFR) technology without technical restrictions. As the Sony 3D solution is not flash-based, customers are not required to change flash rate from triple to double or single, and both the projector and 3D filter system are synchronized.
Premiere Cinemas is the first cinema in Europe to be equipped with Sony Digital Cinema 3D. Located in the Park Hostivar shopping center in Prague, it will be able to support 3D films on four of its eight screens.

Sony’s SRX-R320SP and SRX-R515P 4K projectors are fully compliant with the Digital Cinema Initiatives.