In the Limelight: Screenvision launches new preshow and expands exhibitor network


2013 is definitely a year to look forward to for all of us in the exhibition business and for our company, Screenvision.

The last year was an exciting one which has created a great deal of momentum for 2013. There was the launch of our brand-new preshow, “The Limelight,” and the strengthening of our exhibitor network with new and renewed deals with leading exhibitors from coast to coast. In addition, brands not only actively advertised in our preshow, they extended their presence through promotions in the lobby. Our alternative content initiative continued to expand, as we brought engaging content to movie theatres that spanned many genres.
Like everyone else, we’re all about digital and are continuing to expand our digital delivery, following the lead of our partners’ conversions. We will have 95% digital presentation by April 1. Not only is digital more efficient, it increases the creative options, as well as expands flexibility and speed to screen—benefits greatly appreciated by exhibitors and our advertising partners.

As I mentioned earlier, our ultimate strength is our network of exhibitor partners. In 2012, we secured long-term deals with leading circuits including CEC Theatres, Emagine Entertainment, Frank Theatres, Krikorian Premiere Theatres, Mann Theatres, Muller Family Theatres, Neighborhood Theatres, Premiere Cinemas, Santikos Theatres and Zyacorp Entertainment. All totaled, we’re on more than 14,000 screens, and, importantly, our weighted contract length is nine years. These partnerships continue to reinforce our true national network, with our exhibitor network expanse covering all 50 states and 94% of the DMAs.

We are continuing to work to make our preshow presentation as entertaining as possible, as rich as we can for the millions of dedicated movie lovers who frequent our partners’ theatres each week. Our research shows that moviegoers really enjoy entertainment content and news. To this end, we have renewed deals with ReelzChannel, a cable-TV network devoted to covering the movies, and ENTV, a leading YouTube channel, both of which facilitate our ability to provide the type of entertainment content we know moviegoers love. Reelz, through a cinema program titled “The Actors Spotlight,” focuses on getting inside the minds of the hottest Hollywood stars, such as Ryan Gosling and James Franco. Further, as Americans were readying themselves for the Hollywood awards season, we worked with Vanity Fair and their presence at Sundance to capture stars such as Nicole Kidman and Paul Rudd, and inspired, emotional comments about their love of the movies. And for the second straight year, we partnered with Jimmy Kimmel to bring an exclusive cinema version of the hilarious and very popular post-Academy Awards “The Movie: 2V” to moviegoers across the country.

In the world of advertising, we continue to focus on putting major brands in The Limelight, by highlighting how the power of cinema and its unique attributes help drive brands. And more than ever, with media fragmentation and dwindling broadcast-TV ratings, cinema is a great addition to a TV plan. The combination of both in a media plan delivers blockbuster results. Some recent examples include exhibiting a teaser of Kia’s Super Bowl ad before the game, and following up with the big-screen debut after the game. And when Chevrolet was looking for media vehicles to debut its new global media campaign, “Find New Roads,” Screenvision cast them in The Limelight. We are fortunate to have Jim Tricarico as our new chief revenue officer, as he brings a tremendous amount of experience and relationships from his recent tenure at Nickelodeon, where he oversaw $1.2 billion in revenue, and boundless energy and creativity that will result in bringing new advertisers and creativity to our screens.

Technology and social media have a major impact on moviegoers, and we continue to seek out opportunities to create more engagement for movie fans, while delivering value for our advertising and exhibitor partners. We have a partnership in place with mobile industry leader Hip Cricket to power our texting, or SMS, programs, which enables us to have ubiquitous ways to engage audiences, as every phone, whether it is a smart-phone or not, can participate. We are looking to complement our screenfanz app, by partnering with mobile and digital properties that have significant scale. At the end of the day, we would like moviegoers to activate their engagement with us in a way that is part of the existing mobile and social behaviors. We will continue to work with our partners to harness the momentum of social and mobile to bring even more creative and innovative programs.

Our alternative content continues to be another way Screenvision is helping exhibitors bring new faces and revenue streams into their businesses. In 2012, we had great successes presenting rock concert and feature attractions both new and classic, including Queen’s Live in Budapest, Coldplay Live 2012, and the classic movie Halloween. Another kind of theatre-goer flocked to see the Bard, with the presentations of a trio of Shakespeare plays from the renowned Globe Theatre. In 2013, we are off to a great start with viral stars of the Internet moving to the big screen with Please Subscribe: A Documentary About YouTubers, and bringing nature lovers BBC’s One Life documentary narrated by Daniel Craig. There are many more exciting programs to come.