AMC Burbank to host historic laser projection screenings of 'G.I. Joe'


For the first time, moviegoers will have a chance to witness laser projection technology during a two-week test run of Paramount Pictures’ G.I. Joe: Retaliation beginning March 28 at the AMC Burbank 16 ETX theatre in Burbank, CA. Christie will project the 3D movie at brightness levels of 14 foot lamberts—a “first” in the world of commercial cinema projection—on a 65-foot-wide screen.

“As a leader in innovation in the movie exhibition industry, AMC Theatres continues to push the envelope, looking for new ways to improve the moviegoing experience for our guests,” said Dan Huerta, AMC’s VP, digital systems. “We are delighted to work with Christie to host this technical demonstration that could equate to a major advancement in movie-illumination levels.”

Mark Christiansen, executive VP of worldwide operations at Paramount Pictures, stated, “We fully support the advancement of cutting-edge technologies to further enhance the theatrical presentation for moviegoers. Laser projection provides incredible brightness, making each film look all the greater, but its impact on 3D is startling.”

Dr. Don Shaw, senior director, product management, at Christie Entertainment Solutions, declared, “Audiences will be impressed with 3D shown at 14 foot-lamberts utilizing this future technology, which is much brighter than what current technology produces on most screens. This test of our laser technology will demonstrate how spectacularly a moviemaker’s vision can be realized when shown at light levels normally only possible for 2D movies. Audiences who attend the AMC Burbank 16 during the laser demonstration will see a significant increase in the typical contrast ratio for 3D on a crystal-clear 4K projector and we’re confident that the average moviegoer will relish this new level of immersive experience.”

Last year, Christie showed select exhibitors in Asia how 72,000 lumens could be achieved in a demonstration of their prototype laser projector in Beijing, China.