DLP Cinema looks to future innovations


As nearly 85,000 movie theatre screens around the world showcase the digital-cinema revolution using Texas Instruments DLP Cinema® technology, DLP Cinema is providing forward-facing new solutions. Together with partner licensees Barco, Christie and NEC, DLP Cinema is helping to enhance theatres with brighter 3D showings, high frame rate (HFR) content playback, large-screen laser projection, and other advantages.

“We have been at the core of the digital-cinema movement ever since the first theatres adopted DLP Cinema technology nearly 15 years ago, and have championed its innovation and values throughout,” says Dave Duncan, manager of DLP Cinema and Professional Display for Texas Instruments. “Although we are thrilled as more exhibitors and theatregoers enjoy the benefits of digital with each showing, it’s all the groundbreaking possibilities still to come that are the most exciting.”

Using DLP Cinema technology in their theatres, exhibitors across the globe presented a new level of detailed action via Peter Jackson’s HFR blockbuster, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Last month, AMC Theatres introduced the world’s first commercial cinema showing of laser projection, courtesy of a DLP Cinema-powered prototype projector from Christie that enabled Jon Chu’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation to be experienced in 3D at the high brightness levels normally seen in 2D showings.

Students worldwide now interact with lessons and content via DLP-powered classroom projectors, and it is not a stretch to foresee audiences using similar gesture control to interact with a movie at a DLP Cinema-equipped theatre, perhaps to direct a scene or select an alternate ending. Wearable displays are in the works that deliver a live, up-close level of augmented reality to individuals, which could also coordinate with a DLP Cinema projector for a personalized movie event. DLP Cinema projection has also helped bring hologram-like renditions of famous entertainers to the stage, a capability that could also find its way to local theatres for a new type of live 3D performance. While the best viewing of 3D content necessitates glasses, even with the speed of DLP Cinema technology, that same imaging quickness could one day result in a glasses-free experience in theatres of the future.

With a comprehensive range of DLP Cinema projectors available from Barco, Christie and NEC, including more compact, cost-effective models with DLP Cinema’s S2K chipset, the promise of digital cinema is being upheld for exhibitors of nearly every size and locale.

To learn about the benefits of projectors featuring DLP Cinema technology, visit their partners Barco, Christie and NEC while at CinemaCon 2013. Additionally, join DLP Cinema on Monday, April 15 at 8:30 a.m. PT for the International Day Program breakfast, and on Tuesday, April 16 at 9:30 a.m. PT for the “Salute to the Top Grossing Films of 2012,” which will honor and illuminate the top titles from the past year. For more information on DLP Cinema, visit www.DLPCinema.com.