Christie launches Superior Performance Xenolite lamp series


Las Vegas—Christie launched a set of four new Superior Performance Xenolite lamps for its Series 2 Christie Solaria® projectors at CinemaCon 2013.

The Christie Superior Performance Xenolite lamps, ranging from 2kW to 6kW, are designed specifically for the Christie Solaria CP2220 and CP2230 projectors, and for the Christie 4K DLP projector. The new lamps use the latest Xenon lamp technology to provide increased brightness, improved stability and a longer life span.

Increased brightness offers more captivating 2D and 3D experiences, with no reduction to overall lamp performance. In addition, Christie’s Superior Performance Xenolite lamps last 30 percent longer than comparable Xenon lamps while still offering the same extraordinary 99.999 percent in-theatre uptime. With warranties of up to 3,200 hours, exhibitors can increase their theatre’s overall profitability by postponing lamp replacements, benefiting from reduced lamp costs and fewer maintenance interruptions.

“Exhibitors want to use their lamps for longer periods of time while getting outstanding performance with the lowest possible operating costs,” said Jim Dukes, senior product manager for Christie’s Entertainment Solutions group. “With these new lamps, Christie is offering better power and longer-lasting brightness with the cost-effectiveness that exhibitors demand.”

Christie Superior Performance Xenolite series comprises four new lamps: The CDXL-20SP (2kW) and CDXL-30SP (3kW) have an estimated average expected life of 3,500 hours and 2,000 hours and are designed for the Christie CP2220, CP2230, CP4220 and CP4230, with a maximum lumen output from 9,000 to 19,000 lumens; the CDXL-45SP (4.5kW) and CDXL-60SP (6kW) are expected to last for 1,500 hours and 1,100 hours respectively, and are designed to achieve light outputs of 24,000 to 34,000 lumens.

Christie Xenolite lamps deliver true representation of color in any cinema environment, notes Dukes. They offer stable color temperature, a wide range of power levels, excellent color rendition and a long-lasting performance consistency, with excellent resistance to flicker, ignition difficulty and explosion.

Visit Christie at Booth #2103A during CinemaCon 2013 to see Christie Superior Performance Xenolite lamps and other technical innovations from Christie. For more information, visit