Sony introduces White Screen Dolby3D system


Sony Digital Cinema has announced it is partnering with Dolby to expand its color-filtering 3D projection offering, giving exhibitors choice and flexibility when it comes to showcasing 3D blockbuster movies.

The new Dolby 3D system is designed to be used in conjunction with Sony’s SRX-R320 series 4K projector and will enable exhibitors to project a crosstalk-free clear 3D picture on any type of screen, including white, higher-gain and silver screens. The Sony and Dolby 3D package will include reusable 3D glasses in an effort to become more ecofriendly.

“We are very excited to be collaborating with Dolby to expand our 3D offering to exhibitors,” said David McIntosh, senior vice president, Sony Digital Cinema. “Following on from the recent news about Sony’s own 3D solution, this partnership with Dolby completes the choice for exhibitors, as we now have white and silver screen solutions with disposable and reusable glasses.

Added McIntosh, “With our own offering and the Dolby solution, exhibitors now have the ability to pick a solution that best fits their needs depending on costs, licensing model and green credentials.”

The Sony Digital Cinema 4K advanced dual lens on the Dolby 3D system shows two images to both eyes simultaneously—the way vision works naturally. The result gives a life-like depth of field.

Conventional single lens triple-flash 3D systems presents the images to the left eye only and then the right eye only, in total up to 144 times per second. The Dolby 3D solution on 4K dual-lens solution reduces flicker which may be apparent to some viewers when viewing alternative systems.

"We are thrilled to be working with Sony to bring the Dolby 3D experience to more audiences around the world,” said Doug Darrow, senior vice president, Dolby Cinema. “Moviegoers appreciate Dolby 3D’s pristine images and comfortable, ecofriendly Dolby 3D glasses, while exhibitors benefit from the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of the Dolby 3D any-screen solution.”