Barco offers financing solution to help exhibitors upgrade to Auro 11.1


Barco has teamed up with CSI Leasing, Inc. to provide financial assistance to theatre owners desiring to upgrade their cinema experience with Barco’s immersive cinema sound format, Auro 11.1.

Available in North America, the Barco Auro Financing Program provides a variety of financing solution options designed to meet the needs of movie exhibitors, many whom have recently converted to digital cinema during the last couple of years.

“We understand that, on the heels of converting their theatre circuits to digital cinema projection, many exhibitors may want special financing to take the next step toward immersive cinema by upgrading to Auro 11.1 by Barco,” comments Patrick Lee, Vice President Digital Cinema for Barco North America. “This is why we’ve teamed with CSI Leasing, a leader in equipment financing, to offer a leasing program featuring low rates and favorable terms, to make immersive cinema sound ownership a reality.”

The Auro Financing Program offers exhibitors competitive lease rates, with no up-front costs, advance payments or commitment fees. CSI Leasing can structure a program that will meet customers’ financial objectives and budget requirements, promising a quick and easy credit process for several lease packages:

• Auro 11.1 Only – Finance an Auro 11.1 system that includes the Auro decoder and 24-channel Audio processor.
• Third-Party Equipment and Installation Package – Finance the acquisition of speakers, amplifiers and installation.
• Auro Turnkey – Finance a turnkey solution, including Auro 11.1 equipment, third-party equipment and installation.

Exhibitors will need additional necessary speakers and amplifiers, which are the responsibility of the exhibitor to install prior to the Auro 11.1 deployment.

“We’re very well versed in the unique business model and specific needs of movie theatre owners, having worked closely with many exhibitors to help them with their digital cinema conversions,” comments Bob Rinaldi, SVP of CSI Leasing. “As the largest privately-owned independent lessor in the U.S., CSI Leasing…[offers] Barco and its customers a reliable source of funding and convenient, affordable lease options to help them expand their operations.”