Moving iMage Technologies ships 2,000 units of XL-Mover


Moving iMage Technologies announced that it has shipped more than 2,000 units of its RealD XL automated mover system.

The system allows for the complete automated and pre-programmed moving of RealD XL 3D optics from the image path of the digital projector, making the transition from 2D to 3D and back to 2D seamless and quiet. Full registration and manual overrides ensure the system stays in perfect alignment with the image path in both automated and manual modes. The XL-Mover can also be used with other 3D systems, as well as with anamorphic lenses.

Damian Wardle, VP of global theatre technology and presentation at Cinemark Theatres, says of the XL-Mover, “Cinemark needed a system that worked to our exacting standards, so we worked closely with MIT's Tom Lipiec, VP of sales and customer service, and Dave Richards, VP of engineering, early in the development process. As a result, the finished product integrated perfectly with our digital projectors in the field.”