assists crowd-funding for digital conversions


By the end 2013, Hollywood film studios will stop distributing movies on 35mm film and convert entirely to digital. This conversion will save billions for studios, which no longer need to deliver cumbersome film, but leaves small-town theaters in the lurch.

"The problem," says spokesperson Scott Wilson, "is that over 3,000 cinemas across the United States are in real danger of closing. They simply don't have the extra $50,000 to $80,000 per theatre needed to make the conversion."

Michael Hurley, owner of the Colonial Theater in Belfast, Maine, estimates that 20% of all theatres in North America could be lost.

In response, is “harnessing our social media Circlefunding technology to make sure community theatres are here to stay,” Wilson says. offers fundraising project ideas, web assistance and promotional suggestions, and utilizes advanced fundraising technology to assist small-town theaters.