Light Iron post-production house installs Christie projectors


After four years in Los Angeles, leading post-production house Light Iron has expanded to New York, opening a new facility at 580 Broadway in Lower Manhattan.

A pioneer in 4K post-production projection, Light Iron hopes to demonstrate to the New York City cinema and post-production community the solid workflows that 4K enables and how easy, cost-effective and quick it is to implement a 4K workflow as an alternative to 2K workflows, which don’t facilitate 4K digital content as well.

Light Iron’s New York screening room has a 35-foot throw and a Microperf screen 16 feet wide by 9 feet. The 4K content is played out of a Quantel Pablo Rio with AJA Corvid Ultra video card.

In both its New York and Los Angeles locations, Light Iron uses the Christie Solaria® series of digital projectors. “We’ve used other manufacturers’ 4K projectors when 4K projectors first hit the streets, but the fact to the matter is it’s more important to be the best at something than the first. And the best 4K solution is exactly what Christie brings to the market,” states Light Iron CEO Michael Cioni.

“Christie’s all-in-one design allows us to view 4K content without an external cinema server,” Cioni notes. “This allows us to stream uncompressed 4K content from our DI color systems directly to Christie projectors in our L.A. and New York facilities. This makes the integration of 4K into our technical pipeline nearly identical to our 2K pipeline.”

“Ours is the only post facility designed for 4K from the ground up,” Cioni continues. “While working with 4K files is becoming common, viewing pixel-for-pixel results is not. The Christie CP4230 expands Light Iron’s creative freedom by enabling real-time 4K monitoring in a calibrated DCI space. Since that’s where the cinema is headed, that’s where Light Iron needs to be. There’s really no one else on either coast that feels as strongly about this as we do.”