CineEurope to honor UniFrance Films


UniFrance Films will be honored with the “CineEurope Independent Film Award” at CineEurope 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

“It is a great pleasure for CineEurope to be able to acknowledge and pay tribute to UniFrance Films for their over 60 years’ work in promoting and bringing French films to the worldwide market,” stated CineEurope managing director Robert Sunshine. “Because of the importance of independent film in the marketplace, we are delighted to establish this award and to have selected UniFrance Films as the first-year recipient. This will become an annual award that will be given out as part of CineEurope’s awards ceremony.”

“I am delighted to see our colleagues at UniFrance recognized for their decades of hard work in promoting French films to the world. I am particularly grateful for their support in recent times in our work to further broaden the range of films being shown at CineEurope in order that we may continue to attract the widest possible range of colleagues from across the European industry,” stated Phil Clapp, chief executive of the Cinema Exhibitors Association and president of UNIC.

Founded in 1949, UniFrance Films groups together over 900 French movie industry professionals, including producers, artists, and sales agents, who have joined forces to promote their films to foreign audiences, professionals and media organizations.

UniFrance Films’ activities are structured around five key areas:

* Organization in Paris each year of the world’s largest French film market, the Rendez-vous with French Cinema; participation at the major international film markets (Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, etc.), and providing support to foreign distributors for the commercial release of French films.

* Raising foreign journalists’ awareness of French films through the organization of regional press junkets with the participation of French artists, boosting foreign exhibitors’ awareness of French films at exhibitors’ conferences in at least ten countries, as well as that of film buyers for Internet platforms and connected TVs.

* Organization of French film festivals in ten strategic countries (including the USA, Germany, Italy, U.K., Russia, Japan and China) and on the Internet worldwide (; and providing active support for French films at 60 international festivals including Cannes, Berlin, Locarno, San Sebastian and Pusan.

* Organization of "Cinema Lessons" given by French directors at foreign film schools and universities in around ten countries.

* Promotion and subtitling of French short films at festivals, markets, and on the Internet.