USL ships 3,000 Light & Sound Sensors


Ultra Stereo Labs announced that over 3,000 LSS-100 Light & Sound Sensors have been shipped and installed worldwide. The LSS-100 and the JSD-60 digital-cinema processor, along with many other USL products, will be on display at the CineEurope Convention in Barcelona, Spain.

The LSS-100 allows exhibitors and industry network operation centers to continuously monitor onscreen technical performance to ensure optimum presentation quality. The compact, wall-mounted unit measures screen luminance, color accuracy and sound levels. In addition, the LSS-100 is a fully networked unit, making it possible for industry technicians to continuously monitor auditoriums located anywhere in the world.

“We are delighted by the strong industry acceptance of the LSS-100. We have received encouraging compliments from field technicians on the ease of the installations and use of these new light and sound sensors,” stated Jack Cashin, USL Inc.’s founder, president and chief technical designer.