New products on display at CineEurope 2013


FJI highlights some of the new products and technologies that will be unveiled at the annual CineEurope convention in Barcelona, Spain.


Thanks to multiple-patented Alcons pro-ribbon transducer technology, the CR3 offers a unique linear response to above 20,000Hz. The absence of a compression mechanism achieves the same tonal balance from the lowest to highest SPLs, while the patented “Real-90” horizontal dispersion of the pro-ribbon transducer guarantees a very stable sound field throughout the operating bandwidth. This also widens the stereo experience for far-left and far-right seated viewers. Visit Alcons at CineEurope booth 800. (

In-Vision/Austria introduces a new generation of 4K digital-cinema zoom lenses and adds a short-throw zoom lens. Following the successful 1.2” and 0.98” 2K lenses, In-Vision has designed the new 4K DCine Visionar cinema lens range.

In compliance with the guidelines of Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI), these lenses provide outstanding performance and superb image quality for use in 2K and 4K DLP Cinema® Projectors.
The D-Cine-Visionar Long Throw Zoom Lens series is designed for true 2K and 4K DLP Cinema projection systems. It has vertical shift capability of 56% (i.e., the optical axis of the lens hits the screen at the bottom of the projected image).

For further Information, e-mail or or stop by booth 105. (


Beckerbillett tickets enable cinema operators at no extra cost to vary the visuals on the backs of tickets in one print run to accommodate up to eight different advertising customers for any showing. Beckerbillett is the German market leader when it comes to thermal tickets for cinemas. The company is known for exceptional reliability and on-time delivery, attractive prices and a full array of services tailored to the needs of cinema operators.

Year in, year out, Beckerbillett prints over 140 million tickets for Germany’s cinemas using equipment that the company has developed on its own expressly for this purpose. Beckerbillett thermal tickets run on all commercially available thermal printers and can support a variety of different security features that have been found to be very effective in actual practice. Beckerbillett is also a leading supplier of thermal printers and maintains a 24-hour hotline for thermal printer service, maintenance, rental and repairs. Visit Beckerbillett at booth 127. (

Business Russia
Business Russia LLC presents the Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop®.
Robopop is designed on the patented Vortex Popcorn technology principle, which makes the popping process completely different both from wet and regular hot air. Vortex Popcorn technology consists of fast heating and popping of kernels and their immediate withdrawal from the work chamber during vortex motion. Since popped kernels are quickly whirled away from the heat zone, they stay tender and crunchy, and absolutely different in taste and quality from chewy and tough air-popped popcorn from a conventional puffer. Since Vortex technology popcorn is not fried in hot oil, it is absolutely free from health- hazard particles which are generated in the course of frying. See Robopop at booth 640. (

Established in 2002, Caiz is a leading specialty lighting products and services provider for various entertainment and industrial applications in China. With headquarters in Shenzhen and a manufacturing base in Meizhou, Caiz specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, distribution and service of a wide variety of specialty lamps and related products. Today, with regional sales and service offices in Hongkong, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Shanghai, Suzhou, Chongqing and Beijing, Caiz is well-recognized as a premier supplier of high-tech specialty light sources by major users in respective applied fields throughout China. Visit Caiz at booth 813. (

Camstage’s new range of wall and ceiling sound-absorbing panels offer an innovative method of absorbing noise in open-plan areas where there is high level of echo and reverberation. The stunning visual effect will leave the visitor with an impression of flair and forward thinking by the designer of the room or hall. The panels are available in various shapes and in 80 different colors to enhance the acoustic properties as well as the aesthetics of the area. Learn more at booth 604. (

CinéDigital Network

Deploying a professional NOC and maintaining your digital cinema has never been easier. Designed for integrators as well as larger theatre chains, CinéDigital Network—a powerful tool for interconnecting and monitoring all digital equipment from one central location—is billed as the first true NOC solution available for d-cinema.

CinéDigital Network is also geographically independent and thus ensures continuity of service so that you can focus on your core business integrating and maintaining your d-cinema equipment. No initial investment is needed: Their monthly pay-per-screen pricing model ensures flexibility as well as ready scalability, and there are no development costs. Don't waste time and money building your own NOC—start using CinéDigital Network today. Stop by CineEurope booth 825. (

Cine Project
Cine Project GmbH presents the new “Energy Saver” of NEC, the NC900C Digital Cinema Projector, an ideal solution for cinemas with small screens or small projection booths that are looking for high quality at an affordable price. The unit is 2K DCI-compliant and bright enough for screens up to 9.5 m (1.8 gain screen). No external exhaust is required. An all-in-one Integrated Media Server with 2TB net storage capacity is included. The Easy Dual Lamp System ensures no black screen. NSH lamp technology saves energy costs, and it’s HFR-ready. Visit Cine Project at booth 307. (

Cinemeccanica developed an innovative solution for the digital cinema, in which the Cinecloud Server, or a cluster of servers, centralized in a dedicated room, “streams” over a TCP/IP network, both DCP and alternative content to all the IMBs housed in the projectors.
In addition to the Dynamic Scheduling that allows the user to switch the streaming of content between different screens in a few seconds, Cinemeccanica, is the first in the market to introduce the Cinecloud Server with Solid State Drives (SSD). This configuration permits the fastest transfer of content among screens, improving flexibility in management and optimizing seat occupancy. Visit booth 517 at CineEurope and transfer a two-hour movie in 12 minutes. (

Compraentradas (SINE)

This year, Compraentradas launched the new version of their complete ticketing software, which integrates the selling of tickets, bar and complements. Together with its powerful hardware, Compraentradas is an ideal ticketing solution. Like previous versions, this includes connectivity with loyalty, bonus and promo systems. The new version of Compraentradas back-office software is multi-OS, which can be run in Windows, Linux, Mac or Android so you can obtain information about your company on your portable computer or any one of the tablets on the market. Learn more at booth 734. (

Compeso presents the latest time-saving mobile apps. With their Mobile Ticketing and Mobile Admittance solutions, customers who have bought their tickets via the cinema’s Internet platform are now admitted simply by showing their booking confirmation. The confirmation comes with a QR code containing the required ticket details; along with the date and time of the showing, the code also includes the number of guests and the selected price categories. The QR code is scanned at the entrance and validated in Compeso WinTicket. Staff at the entrance instantly see the ticket details on their scanner display and so can directly admit guests to the film. Eliminating the need to collect printed tickets at the pick-up ATM or the box office means no more queuing at the box office and new opportunities for concession sales.

Innovative scanners based on an Apple iPod Touch and a modern Compeso app combine for easy operation. The very same device can also be used for Mobile Stock Count, the innovative app for your inventory. Easy to use and secure, it saves your staff time and nerves when taking the inventory. Take a look at Compeso’s mobile solutions at CineEurope booth 222. (

CRU is the digital-cinema industry’s choice for innovative and rugged removable drive carriers and frames designed to withstand robust handling requirements and provide reliable content delivery. The new CRU DCmini hard-drive enclosure is designed specifically for distribution of digital content on 2.5" drives. The durable DCmini aluminum external enclosure connects to servers via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interface, without requiring a CRU MoveDock adapter. The DCmini cartridge can also be docked directly into existing CRU DX115 DC frames and ingestion racks using the DCmini Adapter via its high-speed SATA connection. See the DCmini at booth 405. (

Digital Media Solutions (DMS)

DMS designs and produces a new generation of multichannel amplifiers dedicated to the cinema market. From mono to eight channels, the new CA range fits perfectly in the 3D immersive sound experience trend. It’s ideal to complete an installation with fewer, easily connected amplifiers and remote monitoring.

The new CineAudio line of amplifiers offers innovative multichannel amplification: mono or stereo amplifier for subwoofers, and 200W, 350W, 450W/8 Ohms multichannel amplifiers for surround and screen speakers. Contact Pascal Mabille at or visit CineEurope booth 706.

The Dolby Atmos™ Cinema Processor CP850 brings the complete Dolby Atmos audio solution to today’s digital-cinema theatres. Product features include: combined workflow with the Dolby Atmos Interface DAC3201; Dolby Atmos, Dolby Surround 7.1 and 5.1-channel playback; 16 channels of DCI PCM audio input; support for 64 speaker feeds, configurable between 16 analog outputs and a Dolby Atmos Connect (DAC) output; flexible I/O for a wide variety of content sources; optimized reproduction of Dolby Atmos soundtracks in every cinema regardless of the number of channels available in the sound system; and automated calibration tools and sophisticated EQ processing to improve cinema audio playback. See the CP850 at booth 213. (

With 1,000+ contracted cinemas, 450+ movies delivered and 250+ live events transmitted, DSAT Cinema, a joint venture between Eutelsat and dcinex, deploys and manages the largest European network of satellite distribution to cinemas. The company is the preferred solution of most of the distributors for the electronic delivery of movies as well as of alternative-content providers for the transmission of their 2D/3D live events. DSAT for Live is the solution allowing cinemas to receive most live events from the worldwide cultural scene. DSAT for Film is a cost-effective, fast and secure solution for delivering feature films in the cinemas. Learn more at booth 107. (

Euroseat introduces the “eCup” active beverage cooler/heater, which keeps your visitors’ soft drinks at a temperature of 7°C, no matter how long the movie is. You prefer coffee? No problem! You can switch "eCup" to heat mode and enjoy the show.

Euroseat also presents the "eSeat" ordering system, a display system with touch controls that can be integrated in your cinema seats. Your visitors will be able to connect to social networks, order drinks and sweets, or just look up what comes next in your cinema. Visit Euroseat at booth 713. (

Euro Seating
The innovative Thunderbox® system from Euro Seating helps attract more viewers to your cinemas by bringing real added value to the screen. It is a new technological improvement for your cinema and enhances the performance of other existing products like 3D and IMAX movies. It can be installed in any venue and can be adjusted to work with any movie. Discover Thunderbox at booth 822. (

Eyes3Shut introduces a new offering for CineEurope 2013, 3D active glasses for children called “The 3D Kid.” Children will be even more comfortable using these new 3D glasses especially adapted to their head size. Adult glasses are not suited for kids, since the glasses fall off their heads. E3S has adapted its technology to children and it is available now.

The yellow/orange color will help cinema employees recognize the glasses easily, while still in their charger, to enable simple handouts. The 3D Kid has all the characteristics of Eyes3Shut products: It is unbreakable, rechargeable and has an 18 month-warranty on electronics, plastics and shutters. See the 3D Kid at booth 723. (

Ferco Seating
Ferco Seating’s new premium Verona brings luxurious home comfort to the modern cinema. Available as a single seater, a twin seat or even a link seat, this plush electric recliner has two individual motors which control the footrest and the backrest separately, using a state-of-the-art LED control panel, allowing any user to adjust their reclining position exactly to their own comfort level. Designed to withstand public use, steel frames form the internal framework to ensure strength and durability. The built-in cupholders can also be upgraded to become sturdy swivel tables which can be pushed aside in a single movement allowing unobstructive access to the chair. See the Verona seat at booth 239. (

Figueras Intl. Seating
This new 13030 Smart model by Figueras has been designed to equip premium cinemas with extra comfort. The seat is available in two finishes: fixed seat or tip-up system with inverse double spring mechanism. Center-to-center dimension is 60 cm. The system integrates upholstery, foam and internal frame in a single compact block with no seams, and is upholstered in leather or artificial leather with optional clearer seams for a more luxurious ending. An HR version integrates the headrest in the backrest rather than being added on as a separate element. The 13030 Smart has easily changeable seat and backrest pads, a TX acoustic absorption system, and complies with international fire regulations. Visit Figueras at booth 201. (

The FOCUX polarized 3D system uses high-efficiency optical technology. Its unique optical properties result in superior performance in both brightness and self-tone reproduction, ensuring that your eyes capture high-resolution 3D images in 100% real-time. FOCUX’s R&D team has been always dedicated to reaching the highest level of light efficiency possible: 18%. The product’s overall compatibility and high-speed photoelectric control technology not only provide satisfactory 3D images, but also help customers to look into the future, maximizing user benefits with the lowest investment cost. Learn more at booth 305. (

GDC Technology
GDC Technology’s SX-3000 offers premium HFR playback quality, comprehensive alternative-content support, and perfect compatibility with all DLP Cinema projectors. Designed as seamless storage for the SX-3000, the PSD-3000 provides highly reliable and lower-cost content storage. It allows flexible instant content transfer between storage devices and provides up to 9TB redundant hot swappable storage. Its compact size and light weight allow easy installation. You’ll never have to look elsewhere to solve your digital cinema challenges. See these GDC products at booth 816. (

Harkness Screens
The Digital Screen Modeller from Harkness Screens is a 3D simulation tool that allows architects, engineers and exhibitors to visualise and optimize digital-cinema scenarios in a virtual environment. The information-rich model rapidly created by the Digital Screen Modeller enables key project stakeholders to make more informed decisions about digital-cinema screen, projector and lamp choices before they’re even installed to ensure that these comply with industry-standard brightness levels. The Digital Screen Modeller is also an ideal tool for planned or proposed retrofit and refurbishment projects to visualize the impact on brightness levels and operating costs in existing environments.

Harkness’ new Digital Screen Archiver is a secure, cloud-based data-capture and reporting tool that aids projectionists, managers, engineers and exhibitors to maintain their digital-cinema auditoria. Quick and easy to use, the Digital Screen Archiver allows key digital-cinema data such as auditoria geometry, power settings, lamp life and onscreen brightness to be captured in a standardized format during maintenance visits. Extensive back-end reporting tools allow those responsible for maintaining cinema auditoria to monitor the performance of their entire screen portfolio through one source, schedule planned and reactive maintenance visits, and benchmark screen performance against key industry standards. Learn more at booth 313. (

HCBL’s active shutter 3D glasses feature 1.6mm LCD lenses and weigh 26 grams each. Using the Xpand cinema system, they are suitable for DLP 3D projectors, all 3D TVs and computers. Visit HCBL at booth 440. (

The Taste of Jimmy’s™ self-service counter serves an attractive range of popcorn flavors displayed in bright-colored tubes for a wide audience. Consumers can pick and mix their own flavors and combine them in an easy tray to share. The Taste of Jimmy’s ready-to-eat gourmet popcorn offers new seasonal items each quarter. Come and see Team Jimmy's at CineEurope booth 801 or e-mail

Kelonik Group
Kelonik Group continues its growth in the sector of services for cinema exhibition companies. The new NOC in Rio de Janeiro is already operating for customers in Latin America and it joins the one in Barcelona, which already supports more than 1,700 screens. Kelonik’s Projects Department has widened its activities to develop the implementation of new products such as 3D sound systems, large-format special projects, 4D cinemas, etc. The Kelonik Cinema Sound Loudspeakers division now presents the new model SR-28, specially designed to be located in the ceiling for 3D sound. Stop by booth 416. (

Kinocreativ oversees turnkey cinema projects and cinema creation from A to Z. Their comprehensive approach includes free preliminary zoning, 3D-planning solutions, professional documentation, certified acoustic materials, and individual support. Learn more at booth 441. (

Kinoton unveils the new DCP 30 SX II-4K, the perfect digital-cinema projector for smaller screens with full 4K resolution. The DCP d-cinema projector series manufactured by Kinoton is based on projection technology provided by Barco. Advanced 4K DLP Cinema Series II technology from Texas Instruments guarantees precise colors and a superb contrast ratio with 4096 x 2160 pixels, providing outstanding picture quality and brightness. The DCP 30 SX II–4K supports higher frame rates (HFR) for improved image quality, particularly for fast-moving scenes and 3D content. Visit Kinoton at CineEurope suite C. (

Lijiang Seating
Movie viewing should be both easy and luxurious. Leadcom’s LS-805 home-theatre seating from Liajiang is engineered with proven standards of comfort, smooth reclining motion, and freely adjustable retroverting angles. Specifications include optional cover with premium genuine leather, PU leather, or fabric; high-density foam with strong resilience function; German OKIN motor with high-grade mechanism; flexible backrest and footrest; and an ice box in tea table. See the Leadcom seat at booth 728. (

MasterImage 3D

MasterImage 3D’s MI-DUAL3D is an automated dual-glass filter solution, providing optimal 3D viewing for theatres with dual-projection installations. Meticulously designed using the same 3D filter material as their MI-CLARITY3D systems, the MI-DUAL3D brings the brightest, highest-quality digital 3D to the big screen.
In addition to unparalleled light efficiency, the MI-DUAL3D also offers powerful automation features including motorized actuators that allow quick switching from 2D to 3D. The MI-DUAL3D delivers optimum 3D image quality for large-format cinemas and is part of a newly expanded suite of 3D solutions MasterImage 3D offers to meet the evolving needs of exhibitors worldwide.

For theatres looking to convert to 3D or add multiple 3D screens, the MI-WAVE3D presents an economical option for digital 3D exhibition. Using an advanced liquid-crystal polarization modulator, the MI-WAVE3D combines studio-approved 3D presentation quality with a host of convenient features, including full system automation (2D/3D and start/stop), and a versatile mount controller with system menu and status display. The MI-WAVE3D is a cost-effective complement to the flagship MI-CLARITY3D line. Stop by booth 401 to learn more. (

MW Spol
MW Spol’s Maxxscreen Giant is a 3D silver, electric, rollable screen available up to 15-meter width and 6.75-meter height with no visible seam. The rolling system ensures the flattest possible surfaces for sizes over seven meters wide and is the ideal choice for conference halls, theatres, cinemas and other large venues. The screen surface is given a high-quality coating after the welding, so that the horizontal seams are no longer visible Features include high-quality, stable steel housing with 1 mm steel sheet, and free robust motor including thermo protection against overheating. Customized sizes, special casing colors and different types of screen surfaces are available on request. See the Maxxscreen at booth 614. (

NCR Slimline 85, the latest evolution in NCR’s innovative line of kiosks, provides automated ticketing, making it easier for moviegoers to purchase tickets and concessions with a tablet-like user experience. The 32-inch touch-screen can display multimedia of movie art and trailers, providing an engaging way to buy tickets and pay for concessions. Featuring an intuitive user interface, the Slimline 85 enhances the moviegoing experience for guests and builds strong loyalty through convenient ticket purchases and ordering of concession items. The higher visibility, self-service capabilities, and consistent promotion of key items will help to increase concession sales, margins and overall guest satisfaction. See the Slimline 85 at booth 537. (

NEC Display Solutions
NEC Display Solutions announces the most compact DCI-certified digital-cinema solution on the market. The NC900C incorporates an Integrated Media Server (IMS) with 2TB net storage included, which gives the cinema everything it requires for a simple digital-cinema set-up. This makes it perfect for small cinema screens, art houses and mobile cinemas, as well as cinemas in universities and public buildings. This is the first NEC cinema projector to incorporate the S2K chipset and to use the NSH Dual-Lamp system, which makes it easy to implement and maintain and to generate a lowered total cost of ownership. See the NC900C in suite D. (

PCO Group
PCO presents Pick & Mix at its best. The stands are high-quality lacquered and equipped with fine LED lighting. Delicious fruit gums are delivered directly in the boxes that are used in the stand. This makes complicated refilling obsolete. The high-quality plexi lid is simply transferred from the empty to the full box and it is ready for use again. To offer jelly beans next to fruit gums, PCO has developed combined stands which have special dispensing containers that allow easy dosage of jelly beans. Visit PCO Group at booth 613. (

PirateEye’s patented machine vision technology gives studios and theatre operators an unmatched capability to detect and interdict illegal camcorders while also providing cutting-edge image analytics that drive innovative business intelligence. PirateEye has brought their expertise in camera technology to image analytics for Hollywood distributors and European cinema operators, providing actionable intelligence generated from audience demographic and reaction data that optimizes theatre advertising, film promotions and booking strategies. Whether it’s screenings, premieres or wide release of motion pictures, PirateEye is a truly scalable, global anti-piracy and business intelligence solution with systems installed throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Learn more at booth 341. (

Professional eSolutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. (PES)
PES's Showbizz Software is an all-round software integrating all operations of the cinema industry from planning to release to operations to finance to marketing to stock to manpower. The research-backed process of more than 26 years, built in to the new-look modules of Showbizz Rights Management, Business Planning, Release Planning and Product Planning for producers, distributors and exhibitors, will help efficiently plan and manage a worldwide or local release of a movie. It provides real-time information on planned and actual status on Timeline, Financial and Human Resource parameters. The standard features of managing multiple types of rights across multiple territories for movies, with seamless integration to the Finance, Marketing and Human Resource modules, have also been enhanced with state-of-the-art reporting systems which include Dashboard and Mobile Reporting along with e-mail alerts for expiring and unexploited rights and territories. Learn all about the Showbizz ERP modules at CineEurope booth 815. (

Proyecson offers the D-Cinema/S digital projector base pedestal for “S” series projectors. The attractive and practical design features two 19” rack spaces to place useful components and accessories (14 rack units available for server, 3D controller, automation, scaler, etc.). Upgradeable and flexible, it includes several optional kits to meet every user need. It’s fully detachable, allowing for palletization, and easily moved in dismantled parts and assembled on-site. This allows transfer through very narrow doors where other pedestals would not fit. Regulation legs fit height, with a 5-degree tilt range by elevator plate feet extension, and possibility to tilt the range up to 14 degrees. See this new pedestal at booth 507. (

QSC announces more surround options to address the requirements of new immersive sound surround formats. The AcousticPerformance™ (AP) series of high-output surround loudspeakers is for large theatres requiring higher output capability. The AP Series includes three models: AP-5102 (10-inch woofer), AP-5122 (12-inch woofer), and the AP-5152 (15-inch woofer). In addition, QSC is unveiling the new AcousticDesign™ loudspeakers, which offer extreme aiming flexibility and convenience. All three new models (S8T, S10T, and S12) feature the patent-pending X-Mount™ integrated bracket system. All QSC surround loudspeakers feature Directivity Matched Transition (DMT), a design approach that matches LF and HF coverage in the crossover region, resulting in remarkably consistent coverage and smooth, accurate reproduction on and off-axis. See QSC Cinema Audio Solutions at CineEurope booth 629. (

Qube/Real Image
Designed for the next generation of digital cinema, the Qube Xi Integrated Media Block (IMB) seamlessly integrates into any Series 2 DLP Cinema projector and works in 2K and 4K resolutions. Features include multi-IMB sync for dual-projector 3D and quad-projector 3D, autonomous IMB for standalone operation without storage server, and Quad 3 Gbps HDSDI for 4K, 2K, HD and 3D uncompressed input. New to Qube's mastering range is QubeMaster Preview, providing the ability to ingest and preview any DCP from any mastering source, along with its KDM, directly from its original location on the local drive. Easily upgrade to QubeMaster Packager or QubeMaster Pro. Learn more at booth 301. (

Schneider Optics
Schneider Optics and ISK Optics of the Schneider Group extend their wide-angle lens series DiStar+ HD for cylindrically curved giant screens for 2K and 4K projection with DLP Cinema projectors. The current lens series consists of nine lenses, covering the projection ratios between 0.76:1 and 1.3:1. The unsurpassed imaging performance exceeds the requirements of 4K DLP Cinema projectors significantly. These lenses are the ideal solution for premier mega-screen cinemas.

The newest lens of the DiStar*HD series is the Fisheye DiStar*HD with a horizontal field angle of 180 degrees and a vertical field angle of 120 degrees. This lens is the ideal solution for dome cinemas, OMNIMAX cinemas, planetariums and simulators. See the new lenses at booth 317. (

Schüttlercinema® presents a new way for theatre owners to save and earn money. Why spend time changing the paper movie poster at your cinema? They have found a much easier way to do it. schüttlercinema is a system which allows you to present posters and trailers/animations on 27’’ to 82’’ screens designed particularly for this purpose (indoor and outdoor). Take advantage of their advanced technology and display your own advertising spots. The ability to place your own advertisements makes schüttlercinema displays especially attractive. Control your displays from anywhere in the world. Stop by booth 206 to learn more. They’re also looking for sales representatives worldwide. (

Share Dimension
Share Dimension is introducing Cinema Scheduler, a new software solution for automating the creation of film schedules. Cinema Scheduler generates daily or weekly film schedules in agreement with all cinema and distributor constraints, in just a matter of seconds. The sophisticated algorithm combines advance forecasting based on historical box-office information with state-of-the-art scheduling technology. It integrates with leading ticketing systems and it provides fully automated schedules that will maximize your seat occupancy.
Visit Share Dimension and learn more about Cinema Scheduler at CineEurope booth 226. (

Sony Digital Cinema
Sony 4K digital-cinema solutions provide state-of-the-art image quality that’s four times the detail and four times the contrast ratio of any other projector on the market. Their R515 projector is designed for life and to withstand the rigors of the cinema. Using six high-pressure mercury lamps, it reduces power consumption while still delivering incredibly high-quality brightness, saving you money in the long term. Sony offers long-term commitment to your business by providing innovative 4K technology and full support. Learn more at booth 223. (

Space Screen
The latest innovation designed by Space Screen is the Supercontour screen with either a straight or curved finish, according to the projection requirements.
Supercontour is a static screen comprised of the projection fabric and a lightweight aluminum frame, with great resistant capacity, and with different finishes: viewed with a black frame, floating without a black frame, and cube.

Space projection fabrics have been specially designed and manufactured with high-quality materials, with a finish that allows excellent viewing of the projected image. Space produces a wide range of fabrics: front projection, rear projection, 2D and 3D projection, and perforated fabrics for sound transmission. Visit Space Screen at booth 235. (

Strong/MDI, in conjunction with RealD, introduces new Precision White Screen technology for cinema projection, combining 2D white screen performance with the ability to project polarized 3D images. Designed to deliver enhanced 2D and 3D presentations with wide viewing angles similar to white screens of equivalent gain, Precision White Screen technology features edges four to five times brighter than a standard silver screen. The improved screen efficiency results in 40% more total light coming off the screen, providing more uniform brightness than a standard silver screen. Precision White Screens also feature a smooth, grey surface which generates better image contrast for improved image quality in 2D and 3D. Visit Strong/MDI at booth 704 for more details. (

ticket. international
The new look of the latest version of the Dolphin product line from ticket. International has comprehensive new developments. Improvements include the ability to buy concession items in combination with tickets by using a smart-phone and the new CID (Customer Information Display) function which provides ticket prices and concessions advertisements in real time. Innovative technologies—solutions that inspire! Learn more at booth 717. (

Ushio, worldwide market leader in lamps for cinema projectors, places great value in innovation and new technologies. The company has developed the new Ushio L-Series. These lamps have 15% up to 100% longer life on average, depending on the type of lamp compared to standard DXL lamps. For you, that means less frequent replacement of your lamps and therefore lower costs for your movie presentations. See the L-Series at booth 117. (

VCL Sound Experience
VCL Sound Experience, manufacturer of LuisWaSSmann cinema speaker systems, introduces a new family named the DSP Linear Series at CineEurope 2013. The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) feature guarantees the linearity of these systems. In other words, the signal received by the amplifier is exactly the same one delivered by the speaker. Even at very high volume, DSP systems ensure linearity without distortion or changes in either frequency response or phase response. The DSP Linear Series acoustic system family includes the DSP features and the corresponding amplifier to achieve a linear playback. These systems are available with factory-made presets, so that the installer's work is limited to a fine last equalization of the theatre.

VCL is introducing several models, covering all screen, subwoofer and surround systems. A special highlight is the 21-inch subwoofer, with its response from 20 Hz. and 136dB of SPL Max musical criteria. Visit VCL at booth 212 and have a look for yourself. (

Vista Entertainment Solutions
Vista Entertainment Solutions continues their rollout of customer-centric cinema software solutions with Vista InTouch. Via their mobile device, Vista InTouch is designed to enable cinema managers to find the information they need, when they need it, from wherever they are in the cinema complex. Rather than relying on a central location for access and response to “current day” operational data, InTouch provides on-the-go view and change functionality for commonly performed actions such as cashier support, releasing house seats, and cash drops. Visit Vista and learn more about InTouch at booth 101. (


Volfoni introduces the new SmartCrystal Cinema Horizontal, a highly modular version of the well-known SmartCrystal Cinema solution. It features a quick and easy “boothless” set-up and symmetrical snap-hook mounting. It’s compact, weighing only 13 lbs. (6 kg), with a design that leads to maintenance-free longevity, plus NOC.

The Horizontal has the same high-end features as SmartCrystal Cinema Vertical: light efficiency (18%), “surface-switching” technology (cost-effective for lamp usage), and 3D image quality approved by the major Hollywood studios. Designed and produced in Europe, it comes with a three-year warranty (and optional two-year extension), and require no licenses or contracts. Visit Volfoni at booth 606. (

To provide the cinema industry with more quality and choice, XPAND 3D offers the Passive 3D Cinema System that delivers performance, comfort and commercial versatility. It features passive 3D glasses in two sizes that are lighter, more ergonomic and stylish than anything on the market today; passive 3D polarization modulator for bright, crisp, sharp images and low-ghost 3D; and a motorized mount that provides stable support for the passive system, installed either on the floor or the wall in front of the projector. It automatically detects whether the passive system is in 3D mode or not and moves to the appropriate position accordingly. Learn more at booth 337. (