Cineplex offers SuperTicket including digital downloads


Cineplex Entertainment announced the launch of SuperTicket™, a first-ever bundled offering from multiple studios that allows moviegoers to purchase a movie admission ticket and pre-order the UltraViolet digital download of a movie at the same time. UltraViolet provides consumers with the ability to watch the movie anywhere on all their devices.

The pre-ordered digital version will be available when the movie is released for home viewing, often before the DVD and Blu-ray release date. SuperTicket will also provide additional value, such as bonus SCENE points, access to exclusive extras, special footage from the movie and cast interviews, as well as special offers on related catalogue movies. Added-value offerings will vary by movie.

Research conducted for Cineplex by Ipsos Reid found a majority of Canadians (55%) aged 18 to 34 typically purchase movies they’ve enjoyed seeing in-theatre. The same research found the average Canadian moviegoer has seen their favorite movie 17 times. A separate survey conducted for Cineplex by Hotspex found that 74% of movie lovers found the SuperTicket concept appealing.

“Cineplex is the only exhibitor in the world to deliver this innovative bundling option with movies from multiple studios,” said Ellis Jacob, president and CEO. “We are proud to be at the forefront of innovation in the movie industry.”

Cineplex guests who purchase SuperTicket will receive two vouchers—one for their theatre admission and the other containing a unique access code which they can redeem for the UltraViolet digital version. They can then log in to, and when the movie is available, their digital version will be added to their UltraViolet locker, which is accessible from the Cineplex Store, and ready to access or play back on their computer, mobile device or Internet-connected TV.

The first four studios to participate in the initiative are Warner Bros. Entertainment, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Paramount Pictures Canada and Universal Pictures.