NEC signs d-cinema deal with leading Brazilian circuits


NEC Corporation signed a partnership agreement to provide digital projection systems to Moviecom and Cineflix, two of Brazil's leading digital-cinema chains.

Under the agreement, NEC Latin America, a wholly owned NEC subsidiary, will supply 100 digital projection systems to Moviecom within the next 12 months. The company will also provide approximately 35 systems to Cineflix in the next 12 months, and a total of 100 systems by the end of 2016.

"Moviecom started migrating to digital technology several years ago when we purchased our first 3D projectors from NEC. In consideration of improving display quality and practicality, we decided to invest more heavily in the process of digitizing our equipment," said Gustavo Ballarin, director of operations and marketing of Moviecom. "We are particularly impressed with the quality of images produced by NEC equipment, especially the color, brightness, definition and depth."

"Digital technology is expanding throughout the world and this marks an important milestone in the evolution of the Brazilian market," said Gilmar Santos Leal, executive director of Cineflix. "The digitization of our theatres is a strategic decision where NEC's expertise and quality of support play instrumental roles."

"Programs such as Virtual Print Free encourage cinema chains to digitize their theatres. The Brazilian government is also committed to developing the segment by implementing the ‘Cinema Near You’ program and the ‘Cinema of the City’ project, which decrease investment and operational cost by at least 30% and consequently enhance the popularity of the cinema," says Jorge Dantas, director of digital cinema at NEC Latin America.