4DPLEX coming to Blitz-Cinestar theatres in Croatia


CJ 4DPLEX announced an agreement with top Croatian exhibitor Blitz-Cinestar to bring the “all-five-senses” immersive 4DX experience to several multiplexes across Croatia and region of ex-Yugoslavia. The deal, which will add to the current 56 4D theatres worldwide, signals the growing availability of first-run movies from top Hollywood studios.

4DX puts audiences into a film's environment with motion, wind, fog, lighting and even scent-based special effects that go beyond 3D. It was launched in 2009 by CJ CGV, the largest theatre chain in Asia. Blitz-Cinestar joins a growing list of theater chain partners that include Cinépolis of Latin America, Cinema City of Eastern Europe and Israel, Cinema Park in Russia, Major Cineplex Group in Thailand, Koronaworld in Japan and the latest Vieshow Cinema in Taiwan. Plans for U.S. theatres are progressing, with continued worldwide expansion to over 800 4DX theaters expected by 2016.

"The incremental revenue received by adding a 4DX-equipped theatre helps exhibitors’ bottom line, while providing a premium experience that cannot be duplicated at home,” says Byung Hwan Choi, CEO of CJ 4DPLEX.