Australians would welcome more ‘Exotic Marigold Hotels’


New research into Australian moviegoing habits shows that the over-50s are going to the cinema more than ever. In 1984, about one-third of Australians over 50 visited a cinema during the year. By 2011, that number had increased to 56%. And they are also going more often. Those over 50 who attended a cinema in 2011 went an average of seven times.

Peter Cody, general manager of film and entertainment content for Event/Greater Union Cinemas, says that he would love to have more films for older patrons. "If we could have a Best Exotic Marigold Hotel four or five times a year, we would love it."

Cinema attendance for the prime 14-24 age group has dropped a little. They used to average 10 visits a year, but now go around 9.2 times per annum.

The Australian 3D horror film Bait, about sharks in a supermarket after a tidal wave, was a huge success in China and a sequel was quickly announced. That sequel is now to be more of a standalone film and its title has changed from Bait 2 to Deep Water. The new film will still have killer sharks as the villains.

The 1988 film that helped launch Jean Claude Van Damme, Bloodsport, is to get a remake Down Under. Australian Craig Rosenberg is writing the script for fellow Aussie James McTeigue to direct. Casting has not been announced, but apparently Van Damme would like to be involved as the trainer.

The Elijah Wood serial-killer film Maniac has been banned for cinema and DVD release by the New Zealand censor. He has given the film "festival-only" classification. It will screen at the New Zealand International Film Festival in Auckland. As we go to press, the Australian distributor is hoping that the local classification board does not follow suit. Maniac is a remake of the 1980 William Lustig film.

A television crew has been filming at some of the classic cinemas around Australia. They will be featured in a new documentary being made for Foxtel TV. The 90-minute program, with a working title of Saturday Night at the Movies, will focus on the history of cinemas and cinema attendance in Australia.

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