Choose your style: Taking a look at 3D glasses


For our annual 3D section, FJI asked leading 3D glasses manufacturers to give us a multi-dimensional view of their product offerings for movie exhibitors. Here's our fashion report on stereoscopic styles.


DepthQ® 3D not only provides the “best in class” passive polarization for 3D digital cinema, it also offers comfortable, lightweight, branded, circular polarized glasses for kids and adults. With a polarizer efficiency greater than 99.9%, DepthQ glasses are made with the highest-quality polarization material. They can be used with any industry-standard passive polarized 3D digital system and are very competitively priced. (

Eyes 3 Shut
Eyes 3 Shut, a French high-tech company, offers the most advanced 3D active glasses technology for digital cinema. What is our difference? Eyes 3 Shut glasses are the only ones on the market using a rechargeable system, so there is no need for changing the batteries. These glasses are unbreakable thanks to flexible plastics, the most transparent, and they have the largest angle of view from any point of the theatre, with an 18 month-warranty.

Discover Eyes 3 Shut’s new products: Purple Two glasses designed for digital cinema, and 3D Kid glasses specially conceived for children. (

FOCUX fulfills the DCI requirements and offers you the lowest total cost of ownership in 3D. FOCUX 3D solution has been successfully tested by Hollywood studios and is listed on Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures’ approved equipment list.

FOCUX 38G active 3D glasses are the latest generation of active 3D glasses, bringing an extraordinary experience and perfect visual impact to moviegoers not only because of the astounding brightness, color and stereoscopic vision, but also because they are compact, comfortable, environmentally friendly and stylish. (

Customers around the world are welcoming the great performance of GXM glasses for digital 3D. Sales of GXM glasses have been increasing dramatically because we have specific technologies with outstanding 3D expression and various types of glasses for customers who want fashionable styles. Above all, GXM assures that all their glasses are very comfortable to wear for long periods, due to their ultra-light design and innovative material. (

HCBL, located in Shenzhen, China, is focused on 3D glasses and 3D display integrated solutions for system development and production. The company has a systematic, large-scale production research-and-development base encompassing hardware, software, content, service and other aspects of strategic business. HCBL actively promotes the improvement of industrial chain integration framework, manufacturing, brand marketing, ODM/OEM and other diversified cooperative modes of industrial integration operation. All products go through the EN71, SGS, CE and ROSH certification tests and ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.

HCBL works with a number of internationally renowned brand cinemas and 3D display manufacturers to maintain good relations and cooperation. Our products are exported to more than 100 countries in Europe, the Americas, Australia and Asia-Pacific, and we enjoy a good reputation for product strategy and global standards of quality service. (

Look3D's latest creation, the Minion 3D Goggles for Despicable Me 2, were a global success, with stock selling out in the first week! These Minion Goggles were sold in cinemas as a standalone product or included in a combo at the candy bar. Either way, exhibitors could not hold onto the stock for long. To get onboard for Look3D's next big hit with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, contact your sales representative at

MasterImage 3D
3D eyewear makes a difference—give your audience glasses that enhance the experience. MasterImage 3D eyewear is precisely designed to match the optics of our MI-CLARITY3D system, ensuring the sharpest visuals and most comfortable viewing experience. Theatres may choose from four models:
* MI-G1000R – reusable 3D eyewear
* MI-G1000B – recyclable 3D eyewear for adults
* MI-G1000K – recyclable 3D eyewear for children
* MI-G500 – reusable 3D clip-on eyewear

RealD eyewear makes the visual experience more immersive and enjoyable. It’s 25% lighter, molded in the nose frame for better conformability, and has reduced temple stiffness for improved comfort. Enhanced geometry of the rims eliminates stray light and a slight tilt of the lenses to creates a wrap effect, moving the frame closer to the eye and eliminating the frame rim from the field of view. RealD glasses fit over prescription eyewear and are environmentally friendly, with 25% less plastic resin used and participation in U.S. recycling and refurbishment efforts. Individually packaged, the glasses are available in adult and kids sizes, and clip-on is also available. (


To provide the cinema industry with more quality and choice, XPAND 3D introduced a Passive 3D Cinema System that delivers performance, comfort and commercial versatility. It features:
* Passive 3D glasses in two sizes that are lighter, more ergonomic and stylish than anything on the market today.
* Passive 3D polarization modulator for a bright, crisp, sharp image and low-ghost 3D.
* Motorized mount that provides stable support for the passive system, installed either on the floor or the wall in front of the projector. It automatically detects whether the passive system is in 3D mode or not and moves to the appropriate position accordingly. (