‘Grandmaster’ showcases Dolby Atmos in U.S. theatres


Dolby Laboratories, Inc. and Jet Tone Prods. announced that The Grandmaster will be the first Chinese movie mixed in Dolby Atmos™ to be shown in the United States. The Grandmaster will be released theatrically in the U.S. on August 23 by The Weinstein Company.

The Grandmaster is a Chinese kung fu story that is not only about physical fighting," director Wong Kar-Wai said, "but also about such intangibles as chi, the mind, and the spirit, which are never easy concepts to express. I have been extremely impressed by the powerful enhancements to storytelling that Dolby Atmos makes possible. The Grandmaster in Dolby Atmos will use sound to transport audiences right into the film action."

The U.S. version of The Grandmaster was mixed in Dolby Atmos by Kantana Sound Studio in Bangkok, Thailand, the first mixing studio equipped with Dolby Atmos in Southeast Asia. Traithep Wongpaiboon, senior VP of Kantana Sound Studio, stated, "Dolby Atmos is the most powerful sound technology we have ever used. With Dolby Atmos, the sound moves around and above the audiences, creating a sound field so realistic that film audiences feel as if they are in the center of the action."

"Dolby Atmos delivers the best next-generation audio experience for all film genres, including martial arts,” said Erik Lomis, president of theatrical distribution and home entertainment for The Weinstein Company. “We are very excited to be at the forefront of bringing a premium entertainment experience to moviegoers with The Grandmaster, featuring Dolby Atmos sound, and believe that this is a big step for us to help drive innovation in the cinema,"

The Grandmaster stars Tony Leung and Ziyi Zhang and was first released in Mainland China on Jan. 8, 2013. The Weinstein Company plans to bring it to 800 screens in the United States, including select theatres equipped with Dolby Atmos technology.