Harkness offers free web seminar on screen brightness uniformity


Since the rollout of digital cinema, exhibitors have been focused on achieving the required center-screen brightness levels for 2D (14fL) and 3D (4.5fL) to obtain industry-standard compliance, often inadvertently compromising brightness uniformity in pursuit of center-screen brightness.

However, with digitization nearing completion in established markets, there is now an increased focus on ensuring that every element of presentation is optimized to deliver to audiences the best possible viewing experience.

In an upcoming free web seminar from Harkness Screens, the thought-leaders in screen technology and onscreen presentation brightness will show you how cinema operators can significantly improve both light onscreen and brightness uniformity.

The Sept. 12 web seminar will cover the importance of brightness uniformity in achieving suitable presentation quality; the overall balance between center-screen and edge brightness in achieving industry-standard compliance; the importance of specifying the correct screen surface; and screen optimization (curvature and tilting) and how it can help achieve brightness uniformity.

For further information on this event and to register online, please click here.