QSC promotes Barry Ferrell to senior VP and chief strategy officer


QSC Audio Products promoted Barry Ferrell to the position of senior VP and chief strategy officer. 

Ferrell began his career at the company in 1990 as an applications engineer and was the first technical hire in the sales and marketing department. In 2009, he assumed the leadership role of the Cinema Group at QSC, and was promoted to VP of cinema in October 2012.

Over his 23-year career at QSC, Ferrell has served as the product manager for every cinema product developed at QSC, including DCA amplifiers, DCM crossover/monitors, DCS loudspeakers, and the DCP line of digital cinema processors. In addition, he has had significant input in the development of other major products in the installation markets. 

“Barry’s success in the Cinema Group has proven that he’s mastered the skills of anticipating a market’s needs, developing the strategies to address them, and most importantly, marshaling the internal resources to execute the necessary tactics in an efficient and timely manner,” said Joe Pham, QSC chief executive officer. “We’re looking forward to being able to apply his perspective and leadership skills across the entire product development organization.”

Although he will remain involved with the Cinema Group at a strategic and product planning level, day-to-day operations of QSC Cinema will be managed by Danny Pickett and Mark Mayfield. As cinema sales manager, Pickett will be responsible for sales and customer support, while cinema marketing manager
Mayfield will manage all marketing-related functions and activities.

“Clearly, strategy must be consistent across any organization,” said Ferrell. “Product strategy must be supported by complementary sales and distribution strategies. At the same time, sourcing and logistics continue to be vital to QSC’s success and profitability in a global market. As I look forward to the challenges of my new role, I have the utmost confidence in Mark and Danny to lead the cinema team going forward.”