Audio update: Christie Vive expands with new speakers


Patrick Artiaga, director, business development, Entertainment Solutions, at leading technology company Christie, talks with FJI about the continued rollout of the company’s new Vive® Audio cinema solution for immersive sound.

You recently introduced Christie Vive Audio during the summer. Any new developments?
The introduction of the Christie Vive Audio cinema solution was a great success and really spoke to the need in the industry for a new generation of audio technology that could supply the significant advancements required in sound by the introduction of digital cinema. We recently expanded the system with the addition of the Christie LA3C and Christie LA3S speakers that really leverage the potential of leading immersive audio platforms such as Dolby Atmos™ and Auro 3D audio formats. Overall, Christie Vive Audio has proven to be a very robust and flexible cinema sound system and can also be installed in a traditional 5.1 and 7.1 configuration using a full range of products.

What makes these new speakers so special?
Immersive audio is the next frontier in digital cinema. As the creative community expands the envelope in delivering to audiences the most realistic audio experience possible, Christie Vive helps exhibitors meet those performance challenges. They feature the pioneering combination of ribbon-driver technology and a unique parabolic line-array design in a single compact cabinet—the first design of its kind to ever be used in a cinema environment. As such, the Christie Vive Audio cinema solution has set a new standard in immersive cinema sound by combining all the benefits of this configuration with Class D amplification, while also meeting the performance demands of the DCI specification.

What differences do audience hear from Christie Vive Audio versus audio systems currently found in a cinema environment?
Christie Vive Audio products provide exhibitors with the highest-quality cinema system at an attainable price point. They deliver exceptional timbre-matching, enhanced voice intelligibility and low distortion, with the speakers’ unique parabolic line-array design increasing the optimal listening area up to four times that of the standard point-source systems. The extremely low mass of the ribbon drivers responds very quickly to audio signals and eliminates the effects of high-frequency breakup and power compression, resulting in the reproduction of the source material with exceptional clarity and accuracy. Significantly, the entire system can be easily integrated into an existing or new theatre auditorium to deliver a premium, immersive listening experience that makes exhibitors stand out from their competition.

Can you talk about any recent customers?
Absolutely. Krikorian Premiere Theatres’ Buena Park Metroplex 18 in California recently selected the complete Christie Vive Audio system to install in an auditorium powered by the Dolby Atmos audio solution, making it the first line-array surround speaker system commissioned for Dolby Atmos. The 40-channel, cinema-centric line-array audio system includes the Christie LA3C ceiling line-array and Christie LA3S wall line-array surround speakers. Krikorian Theatres are recognized for taking the lead in implementing the first and best technology available to ensure an unrivaled movie-viewing experience for their guests, and this latest development heralds a new standard in delivering lifelike, realistic cinema sound that gives exhibitors like Krikorian Theatres a true competitive edge.