New products and technologies at ShowEast 2013


The ShowEast Convention’s 2013 trade show kicks off on Tuesday, Oct. 22 at 11 a.m. and runs through 11:30 a.m. on Thursday, Oct. 24. Here are select highlights from the annual event.

Callahan Digital Cinema

Callahan’s CCS (Cinema Control System) and LSS (Library Storage System) are designed with the small to mid-size exhibitor in mind. The Callahan CSS provides for a single point of control of all SMS servers and projectors in the complex. There’s no need for proprietary “TMS software” programs, saving on cost and adding to ease of use. The LSS can be added to the CSS system to allow the central storage of content. This content then can be transferred to any of the SMS servers in the complex, simply and efficiently. Each system is custom-matched with site requirements. Learn more at ShowEast booth 404. (


Introducing Christie Vive Audio™, the groundbreaking solution to help exhibitors “complete the experience” for their moviegoing audiences. Designed to unlock the potential of leading digital-cinema audio formats, Christie Vive Audio leverages a unique articulated, single enclosure line-array speaker design and ribbon-driver technology, and combines it with high-powered Class D amplification—all at an attainable price point. The innovative design helps increase the optimal listening area up to four times when compared to conventional compression driver-based audio systems and results in exceptionally smooth and even audio coverage throughout the auditorium. The solution can be easily and efficiently integrated into any existing or new theatre auditorium for the ultimate movie viewing and listening experience. Visit Christie at booth 915. (

CineColor Sat
CineColor Sat’s technology has been proven by major studios to be DCI-compliant and the optimum simulcast digital delivery system for improved time frames, flexibility and assurance that you’ll reach the release day on time. Their satellite network spans from Mexico to Patagonia, and many exhibitors are joining the network and testing its performance, such as Cinemex, Cinemark, Cinecolombia and Cine Hoyts. Learn more at booth 718. (


CineDavis’ ProRepertoire is a new, innovative software, developed as a solution for better management of cinema workflow. This database-driven web application for current and future cinema show planning can be aligned with different parties, who typically contribute content elements to the same pre-show simultaneously.

If a pre-show depends on the presentation of a feature film, you need to know the feature in advance to coordinate matching trailers and ads right on site and on time. Cinedavis calls this feature-first pre-show approach “the repertoire.” ProRepertoire offers clever features that manage not only your trailer disposition but also the disposition of different content such as advertising, teaser, sound and most important feature films. Visit Cinedavis at booth 419. (

C. Cretors & Company
Cretors introduces the new Hot Dog Grill 36. Designed with dual heat zones, it will not only cook meat products on one side of the grill, but will keep cooked meat products warmed on the other side, ready for serving. The patented Cretors Hot Dog Grill design includes a center drive shaft which reduces strain on the gears, ensuring longer motor life. Cooking surface is heavy-duty 304 stainless steel with an aluminum heating plate underneath. This workhorse will stand up to the rigorous use found in the busiest concession areas. Plugs into 20Amp. See Cretors’ new Hot Dog Grill at booth 911. (

CRU Dataport
CRU is the digital-cinema industry’s choice for innovative and rugged removable drive carriers and frames designed to withstand robust handling requirements and provide reliable content delivery. The new CRU DCmini hard-drive enclosure is designed specifically for distribution of digital content on 2.5" drives. The durable DCmini aluminum external enclosure connects to servers via USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 interface, without requiring a CRU MoveDock adapter. The DCmini cartridge can also be docked directly into existing CRU DX115 DC frames and ingestion racks using the DCmini adapter via its high-speed SATA connection. Learn more at booth 626. (


With Dolby Atmos, filmmakers can now position and move sounds precisely anywhere in a theatre, even overhead, to heighten the realism and impact of every scene. More than 70 films—representing a broad range of genres, from action thrillers and animated features, to comedy and horror—have featured Dolby Atmos.

Driving the experience is the Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850. Using specific speaker location and performance attributes, the CP850 renders in real time a custom mix for that room that accurately replicates the audio experience intended by the sound mixer. The CP850 supports Dolby Atmos playback up to 64 speaker feeds, configurable between 16 analog outputs and a Dolby Atmos Connect output. The CP850 supports Dolby Surround 7.1 and 5.1 digital playback as well as common Dolby formats used with alternative content in cinemas: Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby E and Dolby’s latest up-mixing technology. To ensure proper setup and playback, each CP850 also includes Dolby’s Commissioning Service. Visit Dolby at booth 1103. (

Doremi Cinema
The IMS1000 is an integrated media server that manages and delivers digital-cinema experiences with efficiency and flexibility. It includes digital storage, server capabilities and a secured DCI image media block in a compact form that enables it to fit inside DLP® projectors. The IMS is controlled by Ethernet interface using a web-based version of Cinelister, Doremi’s TMS, or third-party TMS, supporting Doremi servers. DCP ingest can be done through USB, eSATA, or 1Gb Ethernet. The IMS1000 supports highest jpeg2000 decoding capabilities, including 4K (optional) and 3D HFR, and accepts alternative content including Live stream and 4K inputs for HDMI® and 3G SDI. See the IMS1000 at booth 903. (


Eyes3Shut’s new 3D Kid glasses are specially conceived to adapt to children’s head size. 3D glasses will stop falling down from smaller heads and let them better enjoy the movie. 3D Kid glasses have the product characteristics of all E3S products: they are rechargeable, unbreakable, and have an 18-month warranty.

The yellow color makes it easy for cinemas to differentiate them from others, facilitating glasses management. See the Kid glasses at booth 818. (

Gold Medal Products

Hands-free keeps things clean and easy. Gold Medal’s #2499A SmartSense Automatic Butter Dispenser has an infrared beam that guides the dispenser to release topping when it "sees" popcorn. Features include: automatic dispense start/stop (no push needed); UL and ULS (NSF 4) listed; stream flow control (adjust faster/slower dispense rate); portion control (preset oil amount by dispense time); portability, with no drilling required; fit to front or rear counter; heated steam pan holding 19-lb. or 35-lb. BIB; LED lighted sign; ADA push button; heat mode and dispense mode controls; and fast and easy cleanup. See the SmartSense in action at booth 1106. (

High Performance Stereo

BGW Systems of Montebello, Calif., is introducing the very first modern, fully balanced, differential power amplifiers ever offered to the motion picture industry. A unique compact chassis design with as many as 16 channels combined with state-of-the-art components and circuitry allows this very special class of amplifier to be produced at significantly lower cost than in the past. Balanced differential power amplifiers are widely known for their superior sound quality but until now have been too expensive for professional applications. See it in the High Performance Stereo booth 908 at ShowEast. (

Hytex Industries
When sound and style matter… For over 50 years, Hytex has been the leader in acoustical product for theatre walls and sound studio vertical surfaces. They now providing advanced antimicrobial fiber technology, environmental stewardship, sound mitigation and exceptional durability, all with great looks that will enhance the moviegoing experience.

Not all acoustical wallcovering is created equal. Only Hytex Rib Products offers you the nation’s best-selling acoustical/antimicrobial wall covering; a trusted acoustical vertical solution in over nine countries; 100% recycled post-consumer wallcovering which helps earn your project LEED credits; proprietary Fosshield™ Antimicrobial Technology; solution dyed colorfastness; up to .25 NRC for sound absorption; UL classification, passing the NFPA 265 corner burn test; 54 inches with a bolt size of 33 yards; nine unique sculptured architectural designs to choose from beyond Rib; 40 contemporary colors per pattern available; and 360 color and pattern options. Hytex features the Antimicrobial Technology with an in-stock quick-ship program on the best-selling color, black. Call a Customer One care associate at 781-963-4400 today to identify a certified distributor near you.

Visit Hytex at ShowEast booth 609. (

Irwin Seating
Irwin Seating manufactures more fixed audience seating than anyone in the world, and has been the innovation leader for cinema seating solutions since 1990. Their latest product, the Rocking Loveseat, offers a smooth, quiet and reliable mechanism with amazingly comfortable motion. This versatile chair platform can be used with various Signature back upholstery styles and either self-rising or stationary seat components, and has standard flip-up cupholder armrests. There are also options for more luxurious armrests and tables for use in premium ticket and food-service areas. With Irwin Seating’s quality and service standing behind this 100% American-made chair, you get the comfort your customers demand, and the quality and service you need. Try out the Rocking Loveseat at booth 914. (

Jack Roe USA
As the latest step in nearly 15 years' experience providing digital signage systems, Jack Roe USA has launched JACRO Premiere 4K, the cinema industry's first 4K digital signage players, capable of playing back incredible detail on today's digital menus boards—ideal for concessions, box office, trailers and auditorium. Jack Roe thanks all of its customers who participated in the early adoption and testing program and looks forward to releasing the other JACRO Premiere innovations currently in the testing pipeline. See the Premiere 4K at booth 816. (

Kernel Season’s

For over a decade, Kernel Season’s has been shaking up the flavor as America’s #1 movie theatre popcorn seasoning. As part of the brand’s mission to keep things popping, Kernel Season’s debuted a new look for its entire line of all natural, crave-able popcorn seasonings and premium popcorn products. The new packaging features bolder colors and an updated logo to highlight the irresistible flavors and high-quality ingredients consumers have come to love. The packaging refresh is part of the brand’s overall re-launch to help build greater awareness and highlight Kernel Season's versatility as a shake-on seasoning and flavor enhancer. Learn more at booth 909. (

The Klipsch KPT-1802-HLS cinema subwoofer employs an industry-first, patented design with dual horn-loading on both an active and drone 18” driver, for maximum efficiency leading to both class-leading acoustic output and commanding sub-20Hz bass response previously unattainable from even larger driver designs. This high performance level is perfect for large cinemas and those desiring to provide the ultimate experience. The horn-loaded 18” drivers also provide a lower level of distortion with less driver excursion and a faster driver response for tighter, highly realistic bass. Check out this new subwoofer at booth 1009. (


MasterImage 3D announces the latest edition to their world-class, premium 3D digital-cinema solutions—MI-HORIZON3D. The MI-HORIZON3D delivers the 3D image clarity you have come to expect from MasterImage 3D. What is new is industry-leading brightness capabilities to light up any large-format theatre committed to dazzling their patrons and showcasing 3D cinema to its absolute potential. Sold with their low cost-of-ownership business model, the MI-HORIZON3D is the perfect complement to their lineup of premium 3D systems: MI-CLARITY3D and MI-WAVE3D. Visit booth 415 to learn more about which MasterImage 3D system is best for you. (

Omniterm Data Technology
Omniterm’s Automation Manager provides theatre operators with a software application to manage and review the numerous interfaces required throughout a cinema. As one of the latest additions to the Integra Software Suite, Automation Manager simplifies the repetitive tasks with an automated scheduling and monitoring function.

Third-party interfaces such as Digital Projection, Film Settlement, Digital Signage and Rentrak are crucial to the theatre environment and the Automation Manager provides the necessary tools to ensure they are constantly functioning. The Automation Manager has pre-defined interfaces that are certified with each vendor to ensure a smooth operation. Learn more at booth 710. (

Philips Lighting
Philips Lighting has just released a new cinema xenon lamp model for Christie CP2220 and CP4220 digital-cinema projectors. The new XDC 3001C model has a nominal power rating of 3000 W and 100% warranty lifetime of 1,000 hours. Philips now has a full range of lamp solutions available for Christie CP2220 and CP4220 projectors. With the addition of the XDC 3001C, Philips further expands its range of digital-cinema xenon lamps. Stop by booth 803 to see this new lamp model and talk with Philips cinema lamp sales specialists. (

QSC Audio
QSC introduces a completely new amplifier platform—the DPA Series digital processing amplifiers. The DPA Series are four-channel amplifiers which allow combining of any or all channels in both bridge and parallel modes, resulting in a broad range of power configurations from a single amplifier. Amps include integrated digital signal processing for equalization, crossover, delay and limiting. Each amp comes with pre-sets for many different QSC cinema loudspeaker models. High-output voltage capability provides exceptional peak power output with real-world program material. Highly efficient class D operation dramatically reduces AC power requirements. Four-channel models include DPA 4.2 (400 watts, 8 ohms), DPA 4.3 (625 watts, 8 ohms), and DPA 4.5 (1150 watts, 8 ohms). Visit QSC at ShowEast booth 709. (

Schneider Optics
Schneider Optics offers the new DiStar+HD Fisheye Lens, specifically designed to project an image that is 120 degrees vertical and 180 degrees horizontal. The lens is for use with 4K projectors with a 1.38” TI DLP chipset. It’s among the sharpest digital projection fisheyes ever made, offering brilliant, uniformly illuminated images on domes of 20 meters in size and even larger. The high performance of this lens makes it ideal for dome projection in planetariums, dome theatres and special venues such as theme park attractions. It is available with lens mounts suitable for Barco, Christie and NEC 4K digital-cinema projectors. See the DiStar+HD at booth 1010. (

Seating Concepts
Seating Concepts understands that doing just enough is never enough—not for high-end cinemas and theatres looking to attract new customers and keep existing clientele, while distinguishing themselves from the crowd. That's why they’re excited to unveil the latest edition to their lineup of high-end luxury theatre seating: the Atlantic City VIP Lounger.
This innovative design is a great choice for any theatre looking to exceed their guests’ expectations and earn a sterling reputation. The Atlantic City offers a comfortable, stylish design in which your guests will enjoy spacious lounger seating while requiring far less of your valuable floor space than a full recliner. Each guest will be comfortable and at ease, while you maximize the capacity of your theatre. A wide range of features is available to elevate it to a higher level. This includes integrated cup holders, custom swivel dining tables, snack trays and service call buttons. To learn more, visit ShowEast booth 509, call 800-868-8464, or browse their entire collection of chairs, accessories and options online (

Sony Digital Cinema
Sony’s SRX-R515P 4K projection system features an innovative High Pressure Mercury (HPM) multi-lamp array designed to cut costs, improve reliability and protect revenues. Delivering four times the image resolution of 2K projection systems, the SRX-R515P offers an astounding average contrast ratio of 8,000:1. The projector’s groundbreaking design brings the benefits of 4K picture quality to smaller and medium-sized theatres, and uses an array of six safely contained HPM lamps that are simple to change, and resilient to keep the whole screen evenly illuminated even in the event of one (or more) individual lamp failures. See the new HPM lamp array at booth 502. (

Tempo Industries
Tempo Industries’ Vanguard Illuminated Seat Marker illuminated displays are attractive, durable, customizable and economical solutions for identifying exact seat locations in auditoriums and performance venues with reserved seating. The Seat Marker can be applied either at the riser’s edge or under the seat where unoccupied seat bottoms are raised. The glare-free illuminated displays are ideal in spaces with dimmed lighting. They are constructed to withstand the most demanding environments with a tamper-resistant housing, impact-resistant lens and long-lasting LED light sources. Available with a wide selection of standard, and customizable, numbering and/or graphics, the Seat Marker also offers several LED light colors. Visit Tempo at booth 1120. (


Tivoli’s Vetrinella™ is an architectural line-voltage LED wall light ideal for low-level interior or exterior pathway illumination. This energy-efficient wall light consumes only 3W per unit with efficacy of 93.3 lumens per watt. Tivoli’s Vetrinella is specifically designed for ease of installation. Stop by booth 819 to learn more. (

Ushio America
Ushio America Introduces the state-of-the-art Kooptech washer and dryer system for 3D glasses. The small, all-in-one Kooptech system washes, sanitizes and dries all 3D glasses in a four-minute, 30-second cycle. The glasses are perfectly clean without watermarks, streaks or spots and are ready to be distributed to moviegoers right after the cleaning is complete. The machine’s low-temperature method is safe for all glasses. It is user-friendly and effective, and the repeatability process is impressive. The low cost of operation makes the investment pay for itself in a short period of time. See the Kooptech system at booth 1108. (

USL, Inc. announces the new product launch of the CMS-2200 Integrated Media Server with High Frame Rate (HFR). The advanced HFR media server supports JPEG-2000 decoding of 4K and HFR 2K images with state-of-the-art solid-state storage. The CMS-2200 has many features that include JPEG2000 and MPEG2 decoding, AES-128 decryption/HMAC-SHA1, ingest through USB 3.0 or eSATA, two HD-SDI inputs and two HDMI inputs, sync input and output for dual projectors, auxiliary control port (RJ45), built-in six-port automation and 16-channel digital audio. The CMS-2200 is a compact, projector-mounted unit and comes with a clear, concise operation manual for smooth, efficient installations. See the CMS-2000 at booth 615. (


XPAND’s motorized mount, a part of the XPAND Passive 3D Cinema Solution, makes it simple to position the XPAND Passive 3D Polarization Modulator in front of the projector. Once installed, it automatically detects whether the passive system is in 3D mode or not and moves to the appropriate position accordingly. It is possible to mount it either on the floor or on the wall in front of the projector. It provides stable support for the passive system and can be installed even when only a small amount of room is available between the projector and the projection booth glass. Visit XPAND at booth 1210. (