QSC Audio demonstrates processing power for immersive sound


During exhibit hours at ShowEast 2013, QSC Audio Products will demonstrate a proof of concept of an end-to-end solution for the playback of immersive sound program material in their booth #709 on the trade-show floor. The demonstrations will highlight the capability of the QSC Q-Sys audio signal-processing and routing platform to render MDA (multi-dimensional audio) files in real time.

MDA is an open-platform, object-based audio format developed by DTS, Inc. that allows every element of a soundtrack to be mapped in 3D space, storing all of the spatial and behavioral information as metadata. For the demos, test program content files were created using a ProTools MDA plug-in at The Dub Stage, a prominent Hollywood, Calif. post-production facility. The audio files were combined into a DCP (digital cinema package), which will be played back through a Doremi server, then synched and rendered through the QSC Q-Sys Core processor.

Q-Sys is a complete platform for digital audio signal processing, control and management. The primary elements of a Q-Sys system are the Core, Q-Sys Designer software, the Q-LAN network, and peripherals. The Q-Sys Core is the brain of the system, performing all audio routing, processing and control functions. Q-Sys Designer software provides the interface for system design, configuration and control. Q-LAN is the IP-friendly network that connects the system into an integrated whole. A variety of hardware peripherals (such as I/O Frames, I/O cards, and touch-screen controllers) provide fully customizable and completely scalable functionality.

In addition to serving as the rendering engine, the Q-Sys Core also provides all necessary audio signal processing (such as equalization) and signal routing to the appropriate power amplifiers and loudspeakers.

“Q-Sys is an extremely powerful processing platform that can be the central processor for any type of immersive audio format,” says Barry Ferrell, senior VP and chief strategy officer for QSC. “Because of its scalable nature and the variety of hardware options, a Q-Sys system can handle as many channels or ‘objects’ as is required by the format. The result is a single processing platform that can support multiple audio formats with separate storable pre-sets for signal-processing functions like equalization, level and routing.”