Lightstorm Entertainment selects Harkness Screens


Harkness Screens will be part of Lightstorm Entertainment’s newest production facility, located at Manhattan Beach Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA.

This state-of-the-art site will be the center point for production of the highly anticipated Avatar sequels. Two Harkness S240 Spectral screens will be installed by Paul DeClercq, who also supplied the screen frames.

Geoff Burdick, VP of production services at Lightstorm Entertainment, stated, “Harkness silver screens were chosen due to their industry reputation and our experience over many screenings. We wanted to have quality screens which best reflect the installed base of cinema screens around the world. The images look stunning.”

‘We’re proud to be associated with Lightstorm Entertainment, whose contribution to 3D features is legendary,” said Keith Watanabe, Americas sales director for Harkness Screens. “Lightstorm has set the standards for performance and technical excellence reflected in their massive success of Titanic and Avatar. We look forward to continued innovation and are honored to be a part of their process.”