Digital dominance: GDC Technology leads d-cinema rollout in Asia-Pacific


The Asia-Pacific region was one of the first territories to embrace the digital rollout, and a major force in that transformation is GDC Technology, headquartered in Hong Kong, whose d-cinema servers are a dominant presence in East Asia (and moving up fast in the Americas).

The numbers are impressive. The top ten circuits in China have all selected GDC Technology’s products and services, as have the top five in Hong Kong, the top three in Singapore, the top two in South Korea, the #1 and #3 chains in Japan, the #1 chains in Thailand and Taiwan, and the #2 circuit in India. In all, GDC Technology’s second-quarter 2013 share of d-cinema servers in Asia-Pacific was a market-leading 44%.

In its long-established Asian markets, GDC Technology’s installed base market share as of the first half of 2013 was 85% in Singapore, 57% in China, 52.3% in South Korea, and 35% in Japan. The fastest growth has occurred in Thailand (up 62.3% in one year from virtually no installations), Malaysia (up 27.3%) and Indonesia (up 25.8%).

According to a third-party market research company, over 12,000 units of GDC Technology servers have been installed in Asia-Pacific as of the second quarter of 2013, with 8,500 units in China, 1,100 units in Japan and 1,100 in South Korea.

GDC Technology has also become extraordinarily active in Latin America. The company has established a business presence in such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Mexico and Peru to provide tailored sales and service support in the region. GDC Technology has also established a dealer network that works with resident dealers and service providers to stock spare parts and server units locally, resulting in more rapid service response time. A 24/7/365 service support hotline is also available in both Spanish and English to respond to local customer requests, with a Portuguese hotline to be available soon.

GDC Technology’s subsidiary, GDC Digital Cinema Network Ltd., has successfully implemented virtual-print-fee (VPF) programs in the North American and Asian markets, and this option is now available to Latin American exhibitors.  With six years of VPF experience and management of over 4,600 screens across 600 VPF agreements with worldwide content distributors and exhibitors, GDC DCN provides a practical and efficient VPF program for the Latin American market.

GDC Technology has also organized informative technical training classes which have trained 34 resellers and 42 exhibitors in various Latin American countries. In addition, GDC Technology provides regular training to exhibitors, resellers and partners in both Mexico and Brazil for its complete product line, including digital-cinema servers and theatre management systems.

In Brazil, leading cinema chains including Espaço Itaú de Cinema, Cinespaço and Circuito Cinearte have selected GDC Technology’s products for their digital-cinema deployments, covering a total of 250 screens in over 50 theatres. Cinestar Multicines, the second-largest domestic exhibitor in Peru, and Cinemas Procinal, the fourth-largest exhibitor in Columbia, have also partnered with GDC Technology for digital conversions of their entire circuits.

GDC Technology will be exhibiting in booth 311 at the CineAsia trade show in Hong Kong. Featured will be the SX-3000 Standalone IMB®, billed as the first IMB to eliminate the need for a file server, which reduces energy consumption and operation and maintenance costs. The SX-3000 is equipped with alternative-content support options such as HDMI (for 2D and 3D content), 3D-SGI ports and live streaming, which allow flexibility to display a wide variety of advertising and alternative content without additional hardware. It also supports Dolby Atmos playback and High Frame Rate playback in both 2D and 3D.

GDC Technology also offers cost-effective and scalable storage solutions to accompany the SX-3000 Standalone IMB. “Portable Storage” is a compact and light system that can be easily mounted on all types of DLP Cinema® projectors with up to 4.5 TB of redundant hot swappable storage. “Enterprise Storage” is a cost-effective, high-capacity storage solution with up to 8TB of redundant hot swappable storage. It is designed to be inserted into the projector pedestal. In order to help exhibitors minimize hard-disk failure issues and maintain optimal operations, GDC Technology is also showcasing the groundbreaking “Content Library Adapter,” which offers a highly reliable content backup solution.

GDC Technology also helps exhibitors manage playback quality and simplify cinema operations with its TMS-1000 Theatre Management System, QMS-1000 Quality Management System and Network Operation Center (NOC). The TMS-1000 is a comprehensive solution offering a centralized point of control for an entire cineplex. Major modules of the software help manage security and content, playlists and scheduling, allowing exhibitors to automate and streamline the entire theatre operation at their fingertips. Over 10,600 screens are managed by GDC Technology’s TMS worldwide, out of which 2,700 screens are in China.

The QMS-1000 manages projection quality through automatic detection and data analysis of screen luminance, chromaticity and sound-pressure levels. It can run independently, be installed with the TMS, or deliver data through the NOC.

GDC Technology’s Network Operation Centers are located in China, India, Japan and the United States. The NOC governs the cinema operation by defect alert setting, remote maintenance, projection monitoring and content distribution. Major NOC platforms and tools include a 24-hour call center, System Management Control (SMC) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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