MediaMation receives U.S. patent for shared-drive technology


Dan Jamele, VP and chief technology officer of interactive attractions technology house MediaMation, Inc. (MMI), has been granted a U.S. patent on his shared-drive method used in the company’s X4D® Motion EFX Cinema Seats.

The patented pneumatic drive mechanism is key to MMI’s “master/drone” 4D cinema seats. With one seat serving as the “master” with complicated internal digital circuitry, multiple drone seats can be attached, performing identical movements and functions to the master without the master seat’s internal complexities. Besides offering the drone seats at a steep discount in comparison to the master seats, this allows MMI to give clients new flexibility when purchasing 4D cinema seats. Exhibitors and attraction operators can order multiple configurations of one, two, three or four seats at a time to suit their exhibition space and business model. Previously, MMI’s X4D Motion EFX seats were only available in groupings of four seats per bench.

MMI’s Cinema Series 4D seats have been successfully installed in motion simulator theatres in Qatar and Mexico. The Cinema line offers “2 Degrees of Freedom” of motion with pitch and roll. It comes standard with seat transducers and all other 4D effects as “a la carte” options.

Most recently, MMI installations have included 250+ seats for Cinemex’s X4D Cinema Theaters installed/installing throughout Mexico in 15 of their cineplexes. MediaMation’s X4D Motion EFX Theaters are installed in over 34 countries.