Alamo Drafthouse launches 'Movie Interruption' comedy series


The Alamo Drafthouse launched a new, nationwide series, "The Movie Interruption," the brainchild of comedian Doug Benson, host of the podcast "Doug Loves Movies."

The programming series will feature Benson and his fellow comedians in the front row of the theatre, performing a live comedy show where they riff on classic and not-so-classic movies on the big screen. "Movie Interruption" shows of Terminator 3, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Bad Boys 2 have been hits with Alamo audiences already in cities like Austin and Kansas City.
"We don't just tear into sequels, we take on original garbage as well," Benson jokes. "And we will also be doing some classics. Because there's extra humor to be mined in any film. Well, not any movie, we won't be interrupting 12 Years a Slave, for instance."
Audiences will be able to catch "Movie Interruptions" regularly at Alamos nationwide. At participating venues, the shows will feature a regular host comedian along with a rotating cast of other local comics and visiting talent.
"The Benson Movie Interruption" shows will feature Benson in person, interrupting the movie with some of his friends and local performers, while the regular weekly "Movie Interruption" shows will feature him in spirit, having helped to choose the movies and the comics who interrupt them.
Upcoming “Movie Interruption” dates include Love Actually on Dec. 6 in Kansas City, Lethal Weapon on Dec. 13 in Kansas City, Lethal Weapon on Dec. 15 in Littleton, CO (with Benson in person), and Lethal Weapon on Dec. 15 in Yonkers, NY.