CineAsia 2013 showcases new products and technologies


The annual CineAsia trade show runs Dec. 10-12 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre. FJI presents a selection of CineAsia vendors and their latest products.

Advanced Specialty Lighting

Advanced Specialty Lighting (ASL), headquartered in Chicago with an Asia office in Singapore and manufacturing facilities in Shenzhen, China, is one of the world’s leading designers, developers and manufacturers of Xenon short-arc lamps. In anticipation of the growing popularity of smaller hall sizes and the requirement of highly efficient light sources, ASL has developed a full series of new lamps (800, 1,200, 1,800 and 2,200 watts) for Barco, Christie, NEC and Sony projector applications. In China, contact; in Singapore, contact Visit ASL at CineAsia booth 603.

AnHui Star Screen Co.
In order to meet the audience’s increasing desire for huge-screen movies, AnHui Star Screen Co. will establish four huge-screen production lines by the end of 2012. A screen with maximum frame of 72m × 18m will be available at that time.

The optimization of the “Star” huge screen will make 3D and 4D effects more distinct. Clear sound transmission will enable customers in any location in the theatre to hear lifelike audio quality. The Star also offers extra-wide viewing angles and the world’s leading polarization ratio. AnHui Star Screen provides a range of support services including design, manufacturing and installation. Learn more at CineAsia booth 507.

Beijing Quinette GreatWall Seats
Beijing Quinette GreatWall Seats offer elegance and comfort. The seat is designed according to human engineering: A three-dimensional curve provides better support for people’s waists. The seat uses high-quality material, achieves the highest testing level of the furniture industry, and can guarantee its bearing capacity even with high-frequency utilization and overloading. It strictly conforms to more than 60 national and international industry standards. And sound-absorption characteristics meet the requirements of architectural acoustics. Visit Beijing Quinette at booth 615.
BGW Systems
BGW Systems of Montebello, Calif. introduces the very first modern, fully balanced differential power amplifiers ever offered to the motion picture industry. A unique compact chassis design with as many as 16 channels combined with state-of-the-art components and circuitry allows this very special class of amplifier to be produced at significantly lower cost than in the past. Balanced differential power amplifiers are widely known for their superior sound quality, but until now have been too expensive for professional applications. Talk to BGW representatives at High Performance Stereo booth 218 at CineAsia.

Established in 2002, Caiz is a leading specialty lighting products and services provider for various high-tech applications in China. With headquarters in Shenzhen and manufacturing bases in Meizhou and Xiaogan, Caiz specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, distribution and service of a wide variety of specialty lamps and related products. Today, they serve more than 2,000 digital screens through their regional offices in China and professional distributor networks in USA, Italy, Russia and Southeast Asia. Visit Caiz at booth 811.

China Film Giant Screen (Beijing) Co.
China Film Giant Screen (CGS) offers immersive and superior movie experiences by incorporating the latest digital-cinema technologies. A supersized screen inside accurately designed theatre geometry, along with a 3D sound system (CGS recommends Dolby Atmos), creates a truly immersive environment, enveloping the audiences from all dimensions. The brightest projectors to date and proprietary technology orchestrate every pixel in real time to ensure crystal-clear and bright images in 2D and 3D presentations. A proprietary remastering process further improves image quality targeting CGS auditoriums. And coming up is an image optimization system of digital dual projectors, accompanied by an online service system. Visit CGS at booth 511.


Complete the experience. Unlock the potential of the DCI digital-cinema audio format with Christie Vive Audio™ and extend the boundaries of movie exhibition by matching awe-inspiring visuals Christie is known for with rich, dynamic, detailed cinema audio.
Combining the superior audio qualities of ribbon-driver technology with the proven high-quality performance of a line-array speaker design—matched with powerful Class D amplification—Christie Vive Audio is the complete solution for the accurate reproduction of today’s immersive cinema audio formats designed to support leading cinema audio formats including Dolby Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1 surround sound and Auro 11.1. Learn more at Christie booth 201.

Crown XLC Series Amplifier

Designed for small format cinema systems, Crown’s XLC Series amplifier provides power in a compact size, with easy system setup. Output power of 500W (4-ohm) and 800W (4-ohm) is designed for JBL cinema speakers and Crown cinema monitors for a total audio solution. Power for 2-ohm, 4-ohm and 8-ohm output powers surround speakers and small-format screen-array speakers. DriveCore® technology replaces up to 500 parts with one small chip, providing higher reliability. And fault detection indicates faults by channel. See the XLC Series at booth 319.


With Dolby Atmos, filmmakers can now position and move sounds precisely anywhere in a theatre, even overhead, to heighten the realism and impact of every scene. By October 2013, 85 films—representing a broad range of genres, from action thrillers and animated features, to comedy and horror—have been announced as Dolby Atmos titles. Driving the experience is the Dolby Atmos Cinema Processor CP850. Using specific speaker location and performance attributes, the CP850 renders in real time a custom mix for that room that accurately replicates the audio experience intended by the sound mixer. The CP850 supports Dolby Atmos playback up to 64 speaker feeds, configurable between 16 analog outputs and a Dolby Atmos Connect output. The CP850 supports Dolby Surround 7.1 and 5.1 digital playback as well as common Dolby formats used with alternative content in cinemas: Dolby Digital Plus™, Dolby E and Dolby’s latest up-mixing technology. To ensure proper setup and playback, each CP850 also includes Dolby’s Commissioning Service. Learn more at booth 205.


The IMS1000 from Doremi is an integrated media server that manages and delivers digital-cinema experiences with efficiency and flexibility. It includes digital storage, server capabilities and a secured DCI image media block in a compact form that enables it to fit inside DLP® projectors. The IMS is controlled by Ethernet interface using a web-based version of Cinelister, Doremi’s TMS, or third-party TMS supporting Doremi servers. DCP ingest can be done through USB, eSATA, or 1Gb Ethernet. The IMS1000 supports highest jpeg2000 decoding capabilities, including 4K (optional) and 3D HFR, and accepts alternative content including live stream and 4K inputs for HDMI and 3G SDI. See the IMS1000 at booth 305.

First Audio Manufacturing Co
First Audio Manufacturing Co.’s FCQA-8631 digital-cinema sound processor supports manifold audio signal inputs. It supports 1.3K, 2K eight-channel digital audio signal inputs and eight-channel analog signal inputs. The processor also supports crossover, EQ and gain adjustments to the main loudspeaker, and has very powerful processing ability for the digital signal. The FCQA-8631 builds in the technical parameters of Fidek sound-reinforced system FD and FDM series loudspeakers, and simplifies the whole debugging processes. An equipment network lets you do centralized debugging, monitoring and controlling management to many cinema rooms. Learn more at booth 604.
Fuyi Acoustics and Sydeco Acoustics

Fuyi Acoustics and Sydeco Acoustics’ fabricated acoustical wall-panel systems combine curved lines with different sorts of light technology, creating colorful artistic effects. Unique and creative artistic expression can be achieved through sound-absorption wall panels with special design paintings. Stable fire-retardant effects and first-class sound-absorption performance meet international quality standards and pass ASTM E84 A, ASTM C423, EN 1021, DIN4102 and BS 476 standards. Visit Fuyi Acoustics at booth 611 and Sydeco Acoustics at booth 613.

GDC Technology

GDC Technology introduces the SX-3000 Standalone IMB® with complete storage solution. The storage solution is cost-effective, reliable and scalable, serving differing exhibitor needs. “Portable Storage” is a compact and light system that can be easily mounted on all types of DLP Cinema® projectors with up to 3TB of redundant hot swappable storage. “Enterprise Storage” is a cost-effective, high-capacity storage solution with up to 8TB of redundant hot swappable storage. It is designed to be inserted into the projector pedestal. In order to help exhibitors minimize hard disk failure issues and maintain optimal operations, GDC Technology is also showcasing the groundbreaking “Content Library Adapter,” which offers a highly secured content backup solution for exhibitors at CineAsia 2013. Visit GDC at booth 311.

Golden Link
Golden Link continues to bring new innovations to their licensed movie promotions with the launch of their newest promotional product for Sony’s Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 released this fall. Golden Link is bringing added excitement (and profits) to the concession stand with their newest innovation called the “Cubby Cup.” This unique combo set has a hole in the middle of the cup that allows placement of a variety of premium items including character mini-plush or rubber ball. To find out more about Golden Link and their full range of high-quality promotions and concessions, visit them at the Cine Asia booth 120, or contact Jeff Waaland at or Georgina Soh (for the Asia market) at

Guangzhou Plato
Guangzhou Plato’s new company LTD is a chemical group member of Plato, which specializes in new materials for screen production. The company is located in Nansha District, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China, and covers an area of 100,000 square meters. Company brand HuiYing Screen offers folding screens, 3D metal screens and high-definition screens as its main products. All screens comply with ROHS standards and are flame-retardant, for non-toxic environmental protection. Learn more at booth 617.

iVision’s proprietary 3D system offers 25% light efficiency, 1% ghost shadow, 100:1 contrast, and supports 192 frames/sec. and 192Hz 3D projection. Learn more at booth 418.

The Jack Roe Companies
The Jack Roe Companies are a proven IT company of 30 years. Jack Roe can integrate their completely modular Premiere Digital Signage system with other ticketing systems, TMS, etc. And they are able to integrate their TaPoS Ticketing and Point of Sale system with other cinema IT systems including TMS, etc. Stop by booth 804 to learn more.

JBL Professional

JBL Professional’s new 9320 Large-Format Cinema Surround Speaker offers high power handling with extended bass response for extended dynamic range required for large-format cinemas and multi-channel surround formats. The 9320 is a powerful two-way, full-range surround comprised of an M12-8, 300mm (12”) low-frequency driver, and a 2408H-1, 380mm (1.5”) voice coil compression driver. The large-format Progressive Transition waveguide provides exceptional 120 by 60-degree coverage. The waveguide is rotatable so the speaker can be used in the vertical or horizontal position. The multi-ply birch enclosure features multiple M-10 threaded mounting points on the rear, top and sides, as well as standard pattern M-10 threaded for mounting on the rear. See the 9320 Surround Speaker at booth 321.

Kencast’s CinemaPro 2RU is a product many exhibitors worldwide have selected to receive digital content from the Hollywood studios. It is an economical solution for theatres whose storage and redundancy requirements are not as demanding as those for the CinemaPro 3RU. Its technology provides full network management, remote upgrades and enhancements. The 2RU supports reception, storage and validation of digital cinema packages (movies) as well as live streams. It can also manage multiple live events with simultaneous recording and time-shifting, using the built-in DVR feature, allowing live video delivery to multiple screens and recording of the event for later play-out to other screens. See the CinemaPro 2RU at booth 415.


The new Klipsch KPT-1802-HLS cinema subwoofer utilizes a patented, horn-loaded, vented cabinet design with an 18” driver, resulting in class-leading acoustic output combined with commanding sub-20Hz bass response previously unattainable from even a 21” driver configuration system. This high-performance level is perfect for larger cinemas and those adopting new surround formats such as Dolby Atmos™ and Auro 11.1. Pairing with the Klipsch KPT-MCM-4-T Grand, the first and only fully horn-loaded, four-way cinema speaker system, provides for the most stunning and immersive sound experience in the industry today. Visit Klipsch at booth 807.

The new KX-1152 from Krix is a very high-power surround loudspeaker with matching heavy-duty swivel bracket designed specifically for Dolby Atmos and 3D surround sound applications. It utilizes patented true constant directivity horn technology to deliver ultra-low distortion, precise pattern control, uniform frequency response and improved dynamic range. Krix has pioneered a unique form of “X” bracing to reduce detrimental cabinet resonances and eliminate unwanted standing waves within the cabinet. Together with Krix’s new optimized bass driver technology, it brings a level of performance to the low-frequency spectrum. See the KX-1152 at booth 119.

Leonis’ Light Doubler Polarization 3D System LX-FILTER uses special light doubler, automatic image calibration and optimization technology, allowing cinemas to use one projector to complete 3D playback with sufficient brightness and a relatively more stable performance than dual projectors. Compared to the normal polarization 3D system, the light efficiency of LX-Filter is doubled, which means the single-projector polarization system can realize the brightness of dual-projector polarization systems. Leonis also recently launched the Light Doubler Active 3D System LA-FILTER. Stop by booth 500 and watch the demonstration.


Light in digital projectors turns a visit to the cinema into a unique experience. The lighting is used to transfer digital signals to the screen and present images in razor-sharp detail and in better quality than ever before. Lamps for digital-cinema projection need to have a compact design, provide high luminance and last a long time. With its new generation of high-performance xenon lamps, the XBO Series, OSRAM offers the right lighting for a large number of different digital projectors, underlining its position as the world market leader in cinema lamps. Featured here is the XBO 2200W DHP for the Barco DP2K-10SX projector. Visit OSRAM at booth 304.

Philips continues to expand its portfolio of digital-cinema Xenon lamps and announces the new XDC 2200B, specifically designed for the Barco DP2K-10SX digital-cinema projector. This new model has been approved by Barco and has a nominal power rating of 2200W and a 100% warranty lifetime of 1,500 hours. For more information on this model and the complete range of Philips xenon lamps for Barco, Sony, NEC and Christie projectors, visit Philips booth 405 at CineAsia.

Plusrite Specialty Lighting
Plusrite Specialty Lighting is a diversified light source manufacturer for the UV, LED and HID industries. These lighting technologies are provided to a variety of industries such as entertainment, iconic architecture, semiconductor, wastewater treatment, UV curing, scientific, medical, and many others. Learn more at booth 609.

The Pulz Isotop Cinema system incorporates several unique features exploring the potential of digital cinema. The technology is based on advanced line-source principles for perfect vertical coverage and defined horizontal dispersion with asymmetrical horns. It is a radical departure from conventional present-day cinema systems.
Based on extensive research of typical multiplex interiors, this unique design, apart from offering a well-balanced sound field throughout the auditorium area, also minimizes unwanted reflections from the walls and ceilings. The Pulz Isotop Cinema system is an exceptional example of technological advancement, delivering outstanding sound reproduction to every seat in the auditorium. Visit Pulz at booth 315.

QSC Audio
QSC introduces a completely new amplifier platform—the DPA Series digital processing amplifiers. The DPA Series are four-channel amplifiers which allow combining of any or all channels in both bridge and parallel modes, resulting in a broad range of power configurations from a single amplifier. Amps include integrated digital signal processing for equalization, crossover, delay and limiting. Each amp comes with pre-sets for many different QSC cinema loudspeaker models. High-output voltage capability provides exceptional peak power output with real-world program material. Highly efficient class D operation dramatically reduces AC power requirements. Four-channel models include DPA 4.2 (400 watts, 8 ohms), DPA 4.3 (625 watts, 8 ohms), and DPA 4.5 (1,150 watts, 8 ohms). Visit QSC at CineAsia booth 100.

Qub and Qalif
Qub, developed by ATAO Audio System, is a pair of revolutionary speakers to reduce hearing discomfort and rediscover the acoustic pleasures of hi-fi. Despite their small size, the speakers offer exceptional sound resolution, even at low power, in any acoustical situation.
Qalif is an all-in-one screen automatic calibration tool, able to automatically fine-tune projector settings for the best digital image. It can be used in all post-production facilities, and theatrical environments. Learn more at booth 414.

Designed for the next generation of digital cinema, the Qube Xi Integrated Media Block (IMB) seamlessly integrates into any Series 2 DLP Cinema™ projector and works in 2K and 4K resolutions. Features include multi-IMB sync for dual-projector 3D and quad-projector 3D, autonomous IMB for standalone operation without storage server, and Quad 3 Gbps HDSDI for 4K, 2K, HD and 3D uncompressed input. New to Qube's mastering range is QubeMaster Preview, providing the ability to ingest and preview any DCP from any mastering source, along with its KDM, directly from its original location on the local drive. Easily upgrade to QubeMaster Packager or QubeMaster Pro. See the Qube Xi at booth 401.

Shenzhen Hengchuangbaolai Technology
Shenzhen Hengchuangbaolai Technology’s HCBL-004 3D Cinema System is compatible with standard and digital H projectors. It uses circular polarization and is applicable in both large auditoriums and narrow projection rooms. Ghosting of 1.0% matches any other brand. Learn more at booth 810.

Shenzhen Le-Vision Tech Co.

Shenzhen Le-Vision Tech Co.’s P500 is a practical 3D system specially designed for polarized 3D digital cinemas which only use one DLP digital projector. With regular polarized glasses, P5000 will show perfect and vivid 3D image.

The P5000 system mainly consists of a 3D control system and polarization modulator (constituted by inter-changes switching liquid-crystal polarizing film). The polarization modulator is placed in front of a DCI digital projector lens through the fixed stent. When playing a 3D movie, a digital screening beam shoots onto the silver screen through the modulator. The 3D control box sends discrete signals to control the polarization modulator, resulting in left-hand polarization and right-hand polarization. See the P500 at booth 519.

Sony Digital Cinema

Sony’s SRX-R515P is a high-quality 4K digital-cinema projection system designed for use in small or medium-sized screen auditoriums. SRX-R515P is fully DCI-compliant and boasts design features that make it more cost-effective and simple to use. It offers true 4K quality from the integrated media block through the lens to the cinema screen and features an improved SXRD optical engine, higher contrast ratio, 15,000 lumens brightness, easy-on-the-eye Sony 3D and High Frame Rate (HFR) capabilities of 48 and 60 frames per second. See the SRX-R515P at booth 211.

Universal Cinema Services
In recent years, failure rate of digital projection equipment has kept rising. To solve this problem, Universal Cinema Services (UCS) has developed and introduced UCS-NOC. Based on the interconnection among equipment in cinemas, UCS-NOC provides monitoring, early warning and maintenance services around the clock, and reports to cinemas/equipment suppliers whenever there is abnormal situation. Users can log onto the system by web browser on computer or smart-phone to know the real-time operation of projection equipment. Moreover, the system also provides a series of reports regarding equipment operation and management. Learn more at booth 813.

USL, Inc. announces the product launch of the CMS-2200 Integrated Media Server with High Frame Rate (HFR). The advanced HFR media server supports JPEG-2000 decoding of 4K and HFR 2K images with state-of-the-art solid-state storage. The CMS-2200 has many features that include JPEG2000 and MPEG2 decoding, AES-128 decryption/HMAC-SHA1, ingest through USB 3.0 or eSATA, two HD-SDI inputs and two HDMI inputs, sync input and output for dual projectors, auxiliary control port (RJ45), built-in six-port automation and 16-channel digital audio. The CMS-2200 is a compact, projector-mounted unit and comes with a clear, concise operation manual for smooth, efficient installations. See the CMS-2200 at booth 204.

Veezi by Vista is a revolutionary new piece of software that has been engineered exclusively for the independent cinema community. Using the very latest cloud technology, it ensures that independent cinemas can now afford the very best solution. There are no contracts and you pay for what you use. Set-up is free, you have unlimited support and you can even sell tickets online. You can access your management module from anywhere that is connected to the Internet—so you can now run your cinema from the coffee shop or even the beach! Join the revolution by visiting booth 115.

Volfoni has been dedicated to bringing the best 3D experience to moviegoers all over the world. Today, Volfoni presents the Smart Crystal™ Diamond, bringing the brightest and crispest 3D image to the viewer. Its Triple Beam Technology increases its ultra-high light efficiency and makes it an ideal choice for today’s projector series and a future-proof investment for 4K projectors. By having higher light efficiency, exhibitors can enhance the projector’s durability and instantly reduce operation costs.

Volfoni recognizes that the time has come to provide a solution with the lowest cost of ownership by presenting a high-end solution with no need to pay royalty fees on 3D tickets. This new product will send a strong message to the market because it’s a superior product designed and built with exhibitors and moviegoers in mind. Volfoni hopes all their partners will be as enthusiastic about this next-generation 3D cinema solution as they are. Come visit Volfoni at booth 501.

Yuyu Lighting
Yuyu Lighting offers new Xenon lamps for digital projectors, suitable for the whole series of 2K and 4K digital projectors from Barco, Christie, NEC and Sony. Yuyu promises excellent service and an exciting price. Stop by booth 505 to learn more.