Harkness manufactures Clarus 170 passive 3D screen in Asia


Harkness Screens has commenced manufacture of its new passive 3D screen surface Clarus 170 at its Asian facilities in India and China.

Designed for use in large-format auditoria (using two projectors) or smaller to mid-sized theatres where 3D systems using polarized light are deployed, the Clarus 170 3D surface also enhances conventional 2D presentation, enabling DCI compliance with optimized theatre geometry.

“Clarus 170 has already proved an enormous success. To date we’ve installed a significant number of screens in Europe and this number is growing daily. The screen’s unique characteristics mean a richer, deeper, more immersive 3D experience for consumers,” says Richard Mitchell, worldwide marketing manager at Harkness Screens.

New fourth-generation screen technology, Clarus provides a wide viewing angle and significantly increases overall brightness uniformity across the screen, reducing visual hot-spotting while maintaining suitable light on screen for 2D and 3D projection.

“With Clarus 170 3D surface, exhibitors are able to benefit from more even light distribution across the screen without the need to radically alter equipment specifications such as lamp size or lamp power which lower-gain 3D screens might require,” Mitchell explains. “On top of this, the surface improves color accuracy and contrast, giving a viewing experience significantly closer to traditional 2D white screen presentation.”

Specialist aluminum flake-based coating applied to the base material provides high gain characteristics, strong signal-to-noise ratios, generous viewing angles and optimum color temperature.