Gold Medal's Garretson helps drive global growth


David J. Garretson, the newly appointed VP of international sales at Gold Medal Products Co., is being saluted by the company as a key driver behind its global growth. Since 1990, Garretson has helped Gold Medal's global presence expand, including large recent growth in Brazil, Russia, India and China, where movie theatre construction is expanding and customers are enjoying new concession concepts. In the last 20 years, international sales totals for Gold Medal have risen 14-fold, creating double-digit increases year after year.

Garretson's first job was as an international sales assistant, but he quickly rose up the ranks. He became a territory manager in 1993, and then manager of the international department in 2000. Garretson says his philosophy has always been “responsiveness, honesty and relationship-building."

Dan Kroeger, president and CEO of Gold Medal, concurs. "When you see our international dealers approach David at a trade show, you see two things," he says. "The first thing is friendship, then a business relationship built on trust."

Garretson says his mission at Gold Medal is to introduce the world to the tasty, traditional treats Americans have loved for generations. "For me, it's always been more than just the sales. It's been about talking to people, getting to know them, and how we can help. People appreciate knowing they are going to get a detailed, thoughtful response just for them.”