MediaMation closes two cinema deals at CinemaCon


Las Vegas—MediaMation, the leading supplier of 4D/5D motion effects theaters, announced at CinemaCon that it will install several X4D® motion EFX theaters for U.S. cinema chain Santa Rosa Entertainment and City Cinema in Oman.

The state-of-the-art theaters will consist of 100 seats and will be powered by MediaMation’s patented technology using air pneumatics to control the motion of the seats to action on the screen. Additionally, X4D theaters incorporate effects such as seat poppers, pokers, air and water blasts, leg and neck ticklers, wind, strobe, fog and scent to create a totally immersive movie viewing experience.

MediaMation has installed its technology in theatres in more than 34 countries, including the Museo De Cera’s Viaje Fantastico Theaters in Mexico and the Royal Saudi Air Force Museum.

“We are very excited about our first U.S.-based X4D cinema theater,” said Dan Jamele, vice president and CTO of MediaMation, referring to the Plaza Cinema 14 in Oxnard, Calif. “As a U.S.-based manufacturer, we wanted to find a partner whose theaters represent ‘middle America’ and younger demographic. We feel the Oxnard location is a perfect fit for us and the Santa Rosa group.”

“X4D technology is a new form of traditional cinema entertainment that couples an extreme experience with value for our guests,” said Neil Pearlmutter, vice president of Santa Rosa Entertainment Group, which has more than 100 state-of-the-art digital screens throughout northern and southern California.

City Cinema, held by Oman Arab Cinema Company, is the largest cinema chain in Oman, boasting over 21 screens, with the planned addition of 10 more in 2014. “We are looking forward to working with the premiere exhibitor in Oman for their 4D expansion, which gives us more flexibility and brings the experience to more people in this growing market.” said Alison Jamele, president of MediaMation.